Kislovodsk sanatorium "Ray": photos and reviews

Located walking distance from the whole of Europe Spa park in a city such as Kislovodsk sanatorium "Ray" is located near the Narzan gallery and colonnade.The center of medical rehabilitation has its own pump room "Slavyanovskaya" mineral water.


an area of ​​six thousand seven hundred square meters, which was built health center, almost entirely consists of wide avenues and beautiful flower beds.Residents can walk for hours under the branching trees.For those looking for a place to relax, located close to the spa park, and seltzer sources, which is famous for Kislovodsk sanatorium "Ray" fit perfectly.Just five hundred meters away Gallery - a monument of architecture, which for exploring excursions.

main building of the health resort is a eleven-story building.Location of diagnostic and treatment department of the sanatorium is left to chance.Refurbished retro body associated with it warm passage, which is equipped conservatory.Also related to the residential unit Clinic vertebroneurology, dining room, consisting of four rooms, a medical room and VIP-operating unit.On a covered walkway, patients can move from one building to another in any weather.

mountain plateau in the valley of the Stavropol Territory, which crosses the river Olkhovka and Berezovka, forty three kilometers from the main ridge of the Caucasus, surrounded by mountain slopes, closed mountain steppes and alpine meadows, stretches of Kislovodsk.Sanatorium "Ray", founded in 1923, is one of the oldest health resorts resort.This multidisciplinary medical and prophylactic institutions.


Like many resorts Kislovodsk sanatorium "Ray" offers holidaymakers a large enough range of services.In addition to specialized treatment and prevention facilities in its infrastructure includes a post office, air and w / e ticket office, business center, where a fax, open a beauty salon, beauty salon, gift shop, library, ballroom, klimatopavilon.

Over the years, the sanatorium honored with a gold medal for the best technology in the treatment and rehabilitation methods of traditional medicine.The health resort is considered to be a respectable place not only for the success of health care, but also for a comfortable rest on the basis of the famous Spa centers in Europe as Kislovodsk.Sanatorium "Ray" now combines the comfort level of accommodation with well-delivered service;a large set of medical services rendered;types of leisure activities in the unique conditions of one of the best places in Mineralnye Vody.


healing factors resort and a rich therapeutic potential of resorts can effectively treat many diseases: this cardiovascular and nervous systems, problems with the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system.It helps to restore the disturbed metabolism, to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, eye and urological diseases.A total of thirty-seven prolitsenzirovano health resort areas of medical practice.

is the clinical base of the Stavropol Medical Academy, built in Kislovodsk sanatorium "Ray" has now qualified help in the treatment of many diseases, combining it with high-quality service of the European class.


The permit can be purchased by contacting your authorized dealer.Sanatorium "Ray" (Kislovodsk), whose address - street Comintern, 10, is a ten minute walk from the train station.To reach it from the airport of Mineralnye Vody is possible by public transport - bus, taxi or train.

Housing Fund

In 2010, it merged with the Clinic resorts vibrologii at this resort as Kislovodsk.Sanatorium "Ray" has multichannel phones: 8 (87937) 2-28-71, 8 (988) 705-14-28.It consists of three buildings - the main building, which houses the medical-diagnostic department, a height of eleven floors;housing and operational units;vertebroneurology clinic.

The warm transition all the buildings in the complex are combined.To stay travelers include single and double standard rooms with a balcony, TV, refrigerator, toilet and shower;suites can accommodate up to three people.Simultaneously resort can accommodate up to three hundred and sixty campers.


Choosing the right nutritionists healthy food is the key to achieving good results in treatment.Sanatorium "Ray" (Kislovodsk) organizes for its vacationers polurestorannoe four meals for adults and expanded lunch - for children.Menu is selected soon after arrival by experienced specialists on the basis of health-medical card patients.

Meals in three halls.One of them is equipped with the type of "buffet";there is a separate restaurant, designed for living in the category of "luxury" rooms.

Diagnosis and prevention

Sanatorium specializes mainly in diseases of the heart, in the traumatology and neurosurgery.The latter appeared after the merger with the clinic vertebroneurology.This allows in the health conditions of neurosurgical care to provide patients with their further rehabilitation on the basis of their own resorts.Reception are professionals of the highest level, and advanced equipment allows us to provide treatments such as wellness baths, circular shower, several types of massages, mud treatments and inhalations, speleotherapy and mechanotherapy, climate and path, as well as remedial gymnastics and swimming.

For younger customers

Those looking in Kislovodsk health resort for children, "Ray" fit perfectly.Kids here take four years.The natural conditions of this remarkable resort favorable impact on the health of children, because the body is still developing useful bright sun and fresh air, the warm climate and the amazing healing water.The resort especially for those who come under the permit, "Mother and Child", playroom and playground, where kids can not just throw my energy, but also to communicate with their peers, which is enough for the season.Another place for entertainment kids will cafe "Alenka", where you can not only please the child with delicious treats, but also to organize a holiday for him.


Adults in their spare time, procedures can sit at the bar or in the library, play pool, gym.Equipment rental for tennis - a paid service.

On the territory there is also a swimming pool and sauna, solarium and two courts and a basketball court.For those wishing to be organized excursions, there is also the possibility of renting a photo or video equipment.

It organizes any corporate events, what will specially trained personnel.A well-equipped business center will make it possible to hold a seminar or conference, combining work and the opportunity to enjoy the climate and seltzer water, which is famous resort.And one of the best places to do here is a sanatorium "Ray" (Kislovodsk).


Russians coming to this health resort, they are mostly pleased with our stay.There is everything for a good rest: an opportunity for exercise, and a playground with swings and convenient for walking alleys with benches and gazebos.The wonderful climate of this resort not only helps in the treatment, but also promotes good mood: there is always sunny, there are no sharp wind or rains.

Many vacationers leave positive reviews on the professionalism of the medical staff.Although some annoying monotony of food, this is understandable, since the resort offers diet menus, with no place for a lot of products.