How to apply concealer correctly and efficiently?

Make-up - is not just lipstick, eye shadow and mascara.A good make-up - it is also a perfect skin, and therefore properly applied base makeup.So many of us think about how to apply foundation to face looked natural and natural.

First of all, it is worth considering that the tonal basis - is almost the base make-up, and thus before its application is to prepare the skin.This is done in advance.On cleansed face it is best to apply a moisturizing cream.An hour later, soak the skin dry cloth to remove any excess funds, iethose residues that are not absorbed.Only then you can start to spray foundation.This tool is able to hide a lot of nasty stuff, such as redness, rash or skin irregularities.

Selecting foundation - is the most important step.Make purchases should be building on the features and skin tones.Combination to Oily type is best to use liquid detergents.They its consistency more flexible, allowing the cream evenly distributed and absorbed.Moreover, they can be applied more thinly.For skin with visible inflammation should apply cream powder previously using concealer.It so happens that the skin itself is uneven.To hide this deficiency before using the cream should be carried peeling.When applying a layer of powder will turn tighter, but hide all or almost all the shortcomings.

How to apply concealer for different skin types

If the skin is dry, you should give preference foundation, given the characteristics of creams, skin and even the time of year.At the same time the skin looks healthier and more radiant.Always apply makeup in daylight.Even the best light is no substitute for natural lighting which allows to notice all the flaws and modify the makeup.The color of foundation should match as much as possible with the natural shade of the face.The task of a foundation is not to change and to slightly modify and embellish.When buying, you can make a test on the hand.But before you apply the product to the entire face worth a try on a small area.The fact that the color of the hands and faces may differ by one or two colors.Apply concealer best soft sponge or brush.The first should be with small pores, and the second - large enough and genuine.The final touch to the application can be easy to drive in traffic fingertips.

How to apply foundation?

Apply "tonalnik" should be starting from the middle of the face.The first should be covered forehead, nose and chin.From the center you need to shade means to hairline.Care should be taken so that the cream is evenly distributed across all sectors.After application, you can look at the face under different lighting: fluorescent, conventional incandescent or at a street light.If it looks natural, and there is no effect of "mask", the make-up can be considered quite successful.So, in the article we covered the main subtleties and secrets, to answer questions about how to apply foundation.In fact, it's easy.You just have to take into account particular creams, skin and your individual sensitivity to the agent.