De Niro Robert: filmography.

American actor, director and producer Robert De Niro was born August 17, 1943 in New York.Childhood future artist was held in lower Manhattan, the village of Greenwich Village, home of the renowned bohemian New York.Rotating among artists, writers and actors, little Robert listened to their stories, his mouth open.Perhaps these acquaintances and played a role, giving a certain vector direction of the fate of the young Robert, so he became a great actor.

debut in the theater

At the age of 10, Robert took a theatrical debut at the school theater.He played the role of Leo in the fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz."After finishing secondary school, Robert De Niro entered the School of Fiorello La Guardia.This was the institution of higher education, similar to the Russian Theatre School Shchepkin.The resemblance was still in the fact that the curricula of the New York School of contained methods of Stanislavsky, and some teachers, including Stella Adler has actively promoted them.In addition to school Robert attended acting studio Lee Strasberg.

The debut of in the cinema

film debut of Robert became comedic film "Wedding party".The actor played the role of Cecil, a friend of the groom.The picture was has put a beginner director Brian de Palma.However, the movie rental did not come out because of financial problems.He lay on the shelf for six years, and only in 1969 appeared on the screen.In 1973 year, Robert starred in the role baseball player of Bruce Pearson's in the movie "Bay into the drum slowly".The role was tragic, the story ends with the death of Pearson.The work of the young actor appreciated the critics.


In late 1973, De Niro Robert Filmography which at that time contained only two feature films, auditioned for the role of Vito Corleone in "The Godfather" and gets it.This work brought the actor a statuette "Oscar" in the category "Best Actor".Thus, for the first time in the history of American cinema "Oscar" have received two actors for one role: Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone in adulthood) and Robert De Niro (the Godfather Corleone Young).After the "Godfather" film should be "Taxi Driver."In it De Niro's Travis Bickle played, lost a man for whom his taxi every passenger is a separate episode of the strenuous life.

role of Michael Vronsky

Robert then performed the role of Alfredo in Berlingieri psychologically controversial film "The Twentieth Century" by Bernardo Bertolucci.Finally, the role of Jimmy Doyle in the musical "New York, New York" by Martin Scorsese.It was made by an actor in a pair with inimitable Liza Minnelli.The next film with the participation of of Robert De Niro under the name "The Deer Hunter" directed by Michael Cimino, brought the actor the nomination on the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".Robert De Niro, whose filmography quickly updated with new pictures, played Michael Vronsky, Member of the Vietnam War.The film keeps moviegoers in suspense from the first to the last frame.Directed to the best possible use in the film scary fun game with death as "Russian roulette".

first "Oscar"

In 1980, Robert, along with director Martin Scorsese is preparing for production of the film "Raging Bull."In the center of the story - the story of a professional boxer Jake LaMotta, the world champion.Role of of the protagonist demanded of sports preparation, and actor began to be engaged boxing.By the beginning of filming, he mastered several receptions of melee and continued to to train, to add of reliability of the image of famous boxer.To Him even had to gain weight, since in 37 years old Robert was a fairly lean.On a course of script Jake LaMotta fights with his brother Joey, whom plays a Joe Pesci.De Niro and Pesci fought to truly, the actors have spared no each other.Robert De Niro brilliantly coped with the role, and the picture was a huge success.He was awarded the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" in the category "Best Actor".

professionalism and dedication

Robert De Niro, whose filmography is confirmed, is practically the only Hollywood actor exhibiting dedication in their work.For the film "Raging Bull," he spent two months training in the boxing ring for the musical "New York," I learned to play the saxophone, before the shooting of the film "Cape Fear" whittle his teeth, but to look like a real taxi driver in the movie "Taxi Driver", turn the steering wheelwithin three months.This is the professionalism of the actor - in the cinema should be no fraud, so says Robert De Niro.All the best movies of Robert De Niro were removed under the sign of his dedication.During the filming of the picture "King of Comedy" Robert, to provoke his partner Jerry Lewis fight (according to the scenario), just picked up and insulted him just before the clash.Stung to the quick by Jerry rushed to the offender, and thus has achieved the accuracy of the episode.With this creative approach the actor is known worldwide, and movies with Robert de Niro are becoming increasingly popular.

Position Robert De Niro

special place in the works of Robert De Niro takes a film about gangsters, entitled "Once in America," in which he played David Aaronson.After this role, the actor was filming in three roles: the offender (the film "Real," "Brazil," "Goodfellas," "The Untouchables");villain ("fan", "Cape Fear," "Angel Heart") and the police (the films "The show begins", "Ronin," "Midnight Run").This is not all the films of Robert De Niro, the list goes on.In whatever role made no actor, without exception, the character receives his vivid and authentic.Martin Scorsese said as the-something about him, that he is capable play a anyone and anything, human at any age and of any gender.

directed by De Niro

In 1993, Robert has decided to act as a director.His directorial work was the film "A Bronx Tale" about the underworld of the Bronx, one of the boroughs of New York.The plot - the relationship of a teenage boy and a gangster, which does not cost anything resembling kill a man.Directorial debut justified itself, the picture got decent reviews.Robert himself announced that dedicates his film memory of recently deceased father.In the future, the new film by Robert De Niro directed not realizing that much more good will, while remaining an actor.

"Real" and "Casino"

film "Fight", filmed in 1995, directed by Michael Mann, it was a creative union De Niro and Al Pacino, although the subject of the picture, they were on different sides of the law: Robert played a gangsterMcCauley, Al Pacino - Police Lt. Vincent Hanna.Fascinating story and a great game between two great actors put forward a picture of the first series of rating success.Box office several times higher than the budget of the film, critics and excitedly praised the director and actors.Encouraged by the success "Contractions" Robert there and then began shooting the film "Casino", the next work of Martin Scorsese's.The character of Sam Rothstein, a professional player nicknamed Ace, De Niro became one of the most important roles of his career.And, unfortunately, the movie "Casino" was the beginning of the decline of the career.Since 1995, paintings with the participation of De Niro is no longer occupied the the leading positions in kinoreytingah.


Life Robert contains nothing extreme or sensational.He was married twice.First wife Dianne Abbott became an actor, actress and singer, a mulatto with African roots.She is able to participate in the filming with Robert, playing small roles.At Dianne has a daughter from her first marriage to Robert was the father of the girl, execute all necessary documents notarized.Adopted daughter also participated in many films of his father.Dianne Abbott has given birth to a son, Robert Rafael, who grew up and tried to follow his father, but quickly became disillusioned and began to trade.The couple divorced in 1988.

second wife, Grace Hightower, a former flight attendant, appeared in 1997.She gave birth to Robert son named Elliot, and a daughter - she was given the name Helen.In the privacy of the famous actor has other interests, he is co-owner of several restaurants around the world.This activity brings him some special satisfaction, and it does not involve money.

De Niro does not give

Nevertheless, Robert De Niro, whose filmography includes more than 60 paintings, continues to act.He does not take to heart the decline in his popularity, and all kinds of rankings, believing that nothing is in place, but on the contrary, everything flows, everything changes.In 2011, screens out three more films with the participation of a great actor, "Professional", a movie about assassins directed by Gary McKendry;film "Limitless," directed by Neil Burger, a detective thriller;and the romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall, "Old New Year".Comedy with Robert de Niro in a special way are elegant and are benevolent.The following year, 2012. He participated in the creation of four more movies.In November 2012, the director John Terteltaub began shooting pictures "Last bachelor party in Las Vegas," which brought together four of Hollywood "starpertsev": Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline.