Trakehner horse breed history and description

Homeland these beauties - East Prussia.Name your Trakehner horses got through the eponymous neighborhood Trakenen, which translates as "swamp forest near."The history of the horse, at first glance, not so rich in centuries-old traditions, which have such famous rock as kabarda, English or Arabic.But this does not prevent Trakehner racers is famous worldwide for its exceptional quality and beauty of sport.

History of breed

year 1732 is considered the birth of rock st.Actually, this year the opening of the stud on the direct decree of the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm II.From there, and traces its history Trakehner horses (photo).The official recognition of the breed came later, in 1786.And before that there was an active breeding work.To improve the quality trakenena (or shoes) bought the best examples of Arabic and English stallions rocks.And these labors have paid off.At the end of the 18th century horse breeding became the new permanent members of the prestigious races, in the 19th century to the Prussian royal court was supplied exclusively Trakehner horses, and in the early 20th century Truckee were declared among the best of upland species in Europe.

dramatic period

During World War II, the breed was on the verge of extinction.During the bombing near Konigsberg and Trakenena killed hundreds of horses, from stallions managed to keep only four individuals.At the end of the war Trakehner stud farm went to the Soviet Union in the form of a trophy.Further dilution of the breed took place under the supervision of the All-Union Institute of Horse Breeding, under the personal supervision of Marshal Budyonny.And in the time of Khrushchev's Trakehner horses for the second time it was on the verge of death: breeding was considered inappropriate, and tribal horse just went under the knife.For the revival of the breed took decades.Today Thrackan again in the list of the most prestigious sports and horse breeds in the world.There are two types - "Russian" and "German" - descendants of horses that have been saved in the Soviet Union and Germany in the postwar decades.

breed characteristics

Trakehner horse breed refers to Half-Blood by top sports.It is the largest animal to 165-180 cm at the withers, strong and muscular.Color often bay, red, sometimes gray, very rarely - dapple gray.The long neck, broad head light, back strong, elongated grains, while the compact.This horse rhythmic movement, a walk and trot.The legs relative to the body is not very long, but very strong and bouncy.It is this quality - jumping - horse and brought to the forefront of sport horses, which have no equal in overcoming obstacles.This trakeneny shown good results in dressage and show jumping and eventing.Suffice it to recall the Olympic champion 1980 Trakehner stallion with the nickname Ash, who became famous all over the world under the seat of the famous Helen Petushkova.Beautiful exterior, driving dynamics and quality of horse racing contribute to the fact that to improve many other breeds used it Trakehner horses.Sale of purebred trakenov possible in many regions of Russia.Buy them desirable only breeding studs with a good reputation.

Trakenen caught on Russian soil, and became recognized as one of the favorites in the classic equestrian sports.In addition, this horse - a friend, a horse partner, and confirm that the real fans of the Prussian breed.