Andrei Chernyshov - the popular actor's personal life

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course, popular Russian actors are always under the scrutiny of the press, which is primarily interested in their relationship to "love life."An exception in this plan did not become a popular in our country actor Andrey Chernyshov, personal life whose does not give rest to all without exception venerators of his talent.And the media are trying their best: they are sometimes so embellish reality that surprised the heroes of their publications.

Many publications want to know the details of the life of the actor "behind the scenes»

Andrei Chernyshov, personal life is "hidden from prying eyes," he recognizes that, indeed, some journalists are often biased in matters relating to his relationship with the opposite sex.As stated by one actor himself if his personal life was at least fifty percent of such intense, as it describes the press, he did not have much time for anything else.

should be noted that Andrei Chernyshov, whose personal life has long been covered in the Russian media, so far have not found the only one that would like to give my heart.

How to begins the path to glory

Who same he is such a, popular actor Andrey Chernyshov?Surely the issue of interest to many.Hailing he from Kiev, on light has appeared February 3, 1973.He was educated a future actor in the family pedagogues.Noteworthy is the fact that his father led the school, and his mother was the class teacher.After graduating from elementary school, he moved with his parents to live in the Chita region.After how he have given out passport All listed about secondary education, it is sent to the Russian capital to study further.He decided to enroll in a theater school, but failed.

For a while Andrei Chernyshov, whose family moved back to Ukraine in Kiev, returned to his homeland.He gets a job in a local theater as an auxiliary worker.The following year, Andrew has made a second attempt to storm a Moscow theater university.He succeeds, he became a student Schepkinskogo School, he graduated from that in 1994.Here is a brief biography of Andrei Chernyshov.Life as a student actor, of course, was bright and saturated, this he recalls with nostalgia.

Theater work

After Schepkinskogo School Andrei recruit Lenk in the capital, where he served for 12 years.Theatergoers appreciated the role they played in such famous productions as "The Royal Game", "Two Women", "Juno and Avos".


first job in film was entrusted to him when he was in high school theater, but shooting pictures were eventually discontinued.For many months, he participated in various audition and casting, but no one offered him a job in no hurry.In desperation, he was forced to play in a beer commercial that almost immediately increased his popularity ratings.He began to learn on the street.

moviegoers remember him for his roles in four-part film "Free Woman" filmed Valeria Ahadova, and in the movie "Lost in Chechnya" directed Mukhadin Izzat Quandour.Also, he took part in the sensational the television series "Twins".During brilliantly played a role in it he was awarded the prize "Golden Autumn".

It should be noted that after this success to the actor came not only on stage, but on the love front.Andrei Chernyshev, private life which is not known to all his fans, became the object №1 for opposite sex.

Still, they do not fall in love with such a brutal and courageous handsome that anyone can drive mad with their charm!For single ladies this gentleman is an accomplishment.Invented by the fairer sex image of the macho actor tries to show not only on screen, but in reality.During his forty-year life of Andrew broke many female hearts.For the vast number of Russian women it is Antonio Banderas.Many ladies consider it a standard male sexuality.

It should be emphasized that the actor is careful of its physical form, regularly visiting the gym.


Female Actor Andrei Chernyshov, whose personal life is not without the most attractive and subtle beauties, once described an ideal, according to him, a woman.

He said he wants to take to wife a girl who will present homemaker.He does not like when the girl most of their time spent on manicures and secular parties.The actor is not planning a serious relationship with a girl for whom career comes first.He needed one that would be a perfect housewife.

According to Andrew, he will support his family, and his second half in general should provide home comfort and convenience.In the girl must be naturalness and the immediacy of - it is these qualities for him are of great importance.There are no special requirements to the girls at the Chernyshov not.What matters is that between him and his half was full understanding and a sense of the needs of each other.According to the actor, this is a high sense.

Andrew wants to find a man with whom will not give up until the end of his days.For it will not matter if his girlfriend will have any disadvantages.The actor says that though he is now ready to marry but have not yet found that unique.

Marriage - a crucial step

first marriage, he thought while still a student.When he turned 21, many of his friends have already got families, and then he wanted to anyone of them said: "Today, to me will come to visit my close friend Andrei Chernyshov and his wife."And the candidate for the "mission" was, but when he asked her to go to the registry office, for some reason she refused.Now the actor understands that if they went together down the aisle, their happiness would not be long, especially because each actor in demand busy schedule and family time too little.

Of course, today there are few women who want to stay at home: cook, clean and wash, just to please her husband.Perhaps this explains the fact bachelor life, which today is an actor.However, fans of Andrei sure to go without a ring he left for long: soon he will find happiness.

actor won the hearts of many ladies

Russian media repeatedly wrote about the passion of love Andrei Chernyshov.Earlier, he met with such beauties as Anastasia, Anna and Svetlana Hodchenkova Snatkina.And believe me, this is not a complete list of victories actor on the love front.Journalists simply tortured Andrei questions about his relationship with the weaker sex.

In turn, Andrei Chernyshov - the actor's personal life which, he believes, should not touch anyone.All attempts to find "something hot to" about the love affairs he carefully suppressed.Frank on the subject it is not always.However wordsmiths Andrew does not get tired of repeating that love, in its understanding - something unpredictable.

One actor told how suddenly fell in love with his old girlfriend who had never perceived as a potential bride for himself.


Today the heart of the actor remains free, although the wedding dress he had managed to acquire.The actor believes that the time has come for a long time when you have to settle down and to bring happiness to anyone.