Star Children: Willow Smith - daughter of Will Smith

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famous actor and singer Will Smith was not only able to make himself a career in Hollywood, but is a great family man.For the past 17 years, he is faithful to his wife, Jada, to which they bring up two children - Jaden and Willow.From his first marriage, the actor has another son - Willard, which, despite the break with his mother, he also maintains cordial relations.But a special place in his life takes daughter Willow.Like any father, he is proud of her and wants to help in all your endeavors.Today the daughter of Will Smith starred in movies, sings and works as a model with the leading fashion houses.

her movies

the first time in the movie Willow Smith co-starred with his father.It was the movie "I - the legend" released in 2007.However, the role was a cameo, and play it almost did not have to.As in life, according to the scenario she was the daughter of the protagonist.However, it is for this role many remembered the daughter of Will Smith.Lovely girl, telling about butterflies, could not help but like it.Perhaps the play so well helped her father's presence on the court.

year later comes another film starring Willow "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl."It's a real family film, where all the action takes place during the Great Depression.In this film, the daughter of Will Smith and let not the main role, but not episodic.She played the girlfriend of the main character, and many viewers and critics have noted a good game the young actress.Behind her Willow she got her first award.

That same year, Willow Smith took part in another major project - the animated film "Madagascar 2".In the American version of the voice of Gloria hippopotamus as a child it belongs to her.Since 2009 Willow has starred in the popular sitcom "True Jackson, VP", overlooking the channel Nickelodeon.

passion for music

But today, the daughter of Will Smith left her career as an actress and to engage seriously in music.Her first single Whip My Hair, released in 2010, led many American charts.The song and the video is very plain, but it should be understood that the girl at the time was not even 10 years old.At the same time the daughter of Will Smith signs a contract with the record company Roc Nation and renowned producer Jay-Z.

Over the last 4 years all were released 11 singles, including 3 of them were written with his brother Jaden.However, not all of them have been accepted and understood by the audience and fans.So, the songs I am Me and Summer Fling blamed for too old texts for such a young girl.And the clips that were photographed in their support, also seemed much too candid.But the Willow does not see anything wrong in them.

In 2012 it was planned to release the first album of the singer.It has been reported even its working title Knees and Elbows, however, is the timing of its release postponed indefinitely.But a year later, Willow began to work in a duet with DJ Fabrega, and he was called Melodic Chaotic.Total group at the moment managed to record some songs and to remove one clip.On the album, too, is not talking.But many critics have tipped the daughter of Will Smith's brilliant singing career.

Shooting for magazines

But not only interested in the music and film the daughter of Will Smith.The name of the girl often appears not only in the tabloids, but also in fashion magazines.Having the opportunity to dress up with the best designers, Willow tends to stand out from the crowd, like any teenager.Her outfits and differ only her peculiar style.It could not miss the famous designers.In addition, the name of the star always attracts ordinary consumers.

At the moment, the most famous of her work as a model was a joint photo shoot with designer Karl Lagerfeld.Despite the crazy age difference (at the moment Willow was 13, and Carl - 80) Shooting has been very successful.Both said that they were comfortable enough to work together.Even critics acknowledged that Willow looks great in the photos.She has matured considerably and prettier.

Although many previously criticized the young actress and singer for the appearance.The daughter of Will Smith many times to shock the audience with their outfits.Most likely, this is attributed to the rebellious age, Willow, and also to the fact that in the choice of their way to her parents was given complete freedom.Perhaps that is why two years ago she shaved her head, and in 2014 repainted in blonde.


daughter of Will Smith, which makes photos and paparazzi often presented in the media as a spoiled child "star Daddy."Partly, of course, it is.With features and tools, it is difficult to avoid.However, the girl was very responsible attitude to everything we do.Movies, music, or photography for a fashion magazine - is not just a hobby, and hard work.Besides Willow, despite her young age, she is involved in charity.She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the shares Ptoject Zambia, conducted jointly with Hasbro.The campaign aims to draw attention to HIV-infected children in Africa.

Instead of conclusion

Many wonder about what would have been so successful star children, if not for their famous parents?Of course, on the one hand, it helps to make a career, but on the other - they have to prove that they too are worth something.There are many examples where children became even more popular than their moms and dads.Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie and Enrique Eglesias - also stellar children.It is possible that in the near future will be interested, not in the name of the daughter of Will Smith, but by the name of her father.