A good math tutor: How not to be mistaken with the choice

Mathematics - the most important science, which is the base for many specialties.Good knowledge of mathematics can help in almost any field of activity: economics, finance, technical professions and computer technologies - all this implies ownership math at a high level, which can provide an experienced math tutor.

What is different from the tutor school teacher

Our education system is designed so that the child gets the basic knowledge from textbooks, designed for the average student, who did not take into account the peculiarities of perception of the individual child.The role of the teacher is usually limited to an explanation of the data in the textbook texts and tasks.The school teaching is almost not taken into account the ability of students, not analyzed the mistakes, not adjusted individually material.Teacher, and so loaded excessively lessons, extra lessons and classroom management is simply not able to pay attention to each student.

experienced math tutor first study the characteristics of the child, his interests, the ability to master the material, and only then build a strategy for training aimed at improving knowledge of the ward.Tutor builds your program, choosing material from various sources, gives the child to solve the problems according to their degree of difficulty at this stage, to which the child has already reached.Tutoring Experience allows him to use different techniques and quickly find a common language with the students.

How to choose a good tutor

To choose a good tutor in math, you need to consider some important points:

1. It is advisable to have a tutor teacher education, asin specialized institutions of higher learning are skills with students, study ways of organizing the learning process.

2. Do not try to buy the cheap tutors, they can be lay people.An experienced teacher knows that a successful work to be processed and tested in practice a lot of material.

3. There are tutors who specialize in several subjects.But their knowledge can be superficial.The narrow specialist, for example, math tutor, much more competent in their subject

4. If a tutor once promised concrete results in concrete terms - it is an occasion to reflect.A true professional, first get acquainted with the child, it will assess possibilities and only then determine the number and duration of training sessions.

5. Examine the form tutor, read the reviews.While the Internet may often be biased and written by request.

Do not make premature conclusions immediately after a few sessions.Individual training - quite a long process, but if done right the results will become more tangible.