The daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk - Anna Stryukova: biography, facts of life, and the photo of the young stars

daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna Stryukova in January this year celebrated its coming of age.In its 18 years of a young girl already tasted the world of show business, it has a lot of fans and a lot of photos to display it in the networks of the Internet.Now, about this young star a lot of talk, write, gossiping.This girl popularity reached fairly quickly, its enchanting beauty has done its job.


The family businessman Dmitry Stryukova and aspiring actress, who was at that time Zavorotnyuk Anastasia, daughter Anna was born on January 14 1996goda.Almost immediately after her birth the family moved to the United States, there is little Anna's father opened his business to sell homes wealthy people, and my mother periodically traveled to Russia to film the show.But three years later the family still came back to their homeland.

Moscow Anna Stryukova life has changed dramatically.Mother Anastasia Zavorotnyuk permanently disappeared during the shooting of the series "My Fair Nanny", is completely thrown the family.The father also frequently honored the family with his presence, and soon her parents divorced.Of course, the daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk very painful going through this difficult period in his life.Shortly thereafter, Anna was sent to study and live in England.Abroad, she has successfully completed the training and returned to Moscow.At home she was admitted to the Faculty of Management at Moscow State University.

As Anna came to fame Stryukova

the first time she saw the audience at the premiere of the film "Mama".That night the family was in full force.But only daughter, Anna on this premiere evoked enthusiastic views, especially in men, which is not surprising.On the show she was clearly made up, in a chic white coat, dress - mini and giant heels.Even against the background of her mother, she shone like a true star of the show-business.

But the furore generated by the young person, not ended.In social networks, there are naughty photos in underwear minor Anna Stryukova that vzbudorazhivayut all power users Runet.In her Twitter page flooded with huskies and comments, people are beginning to discuss the mass Zavorotnyuk daughter Anastasia.Since then, the popularity of aspiring stars growing at a breakneck pace.Perhaps there is no person who would not be familiar pretty face girl.

Acting career start

Anna starts in parallel with university studies to comprehend the wisdom of acting.She played a small role in the famous TV series, in which shone her mother - "My Fair Nanny".She was offered a part in the show "Top Model in Russian", but she refused.The meeting was on the nose, and a young woman opted study.

After exams daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna Stryukova is casting and starred in the TV series "School Closed".Later, Anna participated in the casting, which wins.She becomes the leading show "Get Star", which was launched on the channel "Home".Appearing on television, Anna Stryukova gaining more interest and attention of fans to her.

What is new today

Now Anna Stryukova come to grips with their studies while continuing to work on TV.She is actively blog on Twitter, letting its subscribers of the various news of show business.She is involved in conversations about traveling abroad and, of course, continue to share their photos.Anna often goes beyond their homeland.Shopping prefers to hold it there, and then brags acquired shopping at Twitter.

young star recently turned 18 years old.She said this landmark date in the islands, sharing in social networks with new photos, which is dressed in shorts and mini-dress to the floor.Of course, the fans liked these pictures, but some were concerned about the marked thinness of the girl.Do you have questions about how everything was in order in her health.

Anna often appears on the social events.Thus it is increasingly attracting the attention of the press, the fans.The life of public people without intervention of plastic surgeons is hard to imagine.And, of course, to experiment with the technology of plastic surgery and daughter Anastasia decided Zavorotnyuk.Photos of Ani with enlarged lips quickly spread in the media and succumbed to the discussion.Readers wondered if at an early age to resort to plastic surgery, what happens next?

When planning a wedding, Anna Stryukova?

This question bothers many fans of women.The novel Anna Stryukova with Yegor Bulatkin rapper (who took the pseudonym KReeD) did not last long.They say that now they do not even communicate.The young star of show business is completely free, and she does not hide this.The daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is now concerned only with study and career that, in principle, the right for her age.Anna herself says, she plans to get married until 25 years.