Direct marketing

Marketing - is the satisfaction of the goods or services of certain groups of the population, for which the company was created.

In the era of information technology and competitive business warrior, marketing is an integral part of business management, because the right strategy will always be able to take the company to the next level or to prevent its ruin.

Direct marketing - is the kind of marketing communication, which seeks to dialogue with individual consumers and is designed for instant feedback from him.Direct marketing can be as individual sales, mail-letters, phone calls or e-mail newsletters, in general, everything that could encourage consumers to purchase or action.

Direct marketing can be divided into:

single-stage - the consumer responds to the advertising message of purchase.

two-stage - before buying the consumer must doing any action, such as voucher or check.

Negative choice - the consumer will receive messages up to the moment until they send the refusal in writing.

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Direct marketing is gaining popularity in Russia, because it allows you to convey information to the consumer with minimal cost.It is also one of the main advantages - it is individual communications.The company, which owns a database of information about consumers, has the ability to handle and make writing as if personally for the recipient, which increases the effectiveness of communication by almost 100%.

Every day, going to the e-mail, you see messages in your "spam" or leaflets in the mailbox - this is direct marketing.Many of the messages are not arriving at their destination, or reaching, immediately go to the basket.To a man estimated to be interesting if it the information it needs only 2 seconds.After the first 2-second evaluation, he begins to read or throws into the basket.Entire teams are working to create presentations of products and services to the consumer at least read the message, and the whole art - to make the letter so that the consumer has responded.

Direct marketing is not only the delivery of proposals for various kinds of mailboxes, and personal communication is a sales manager with the client.This species is one of the most popular forms of direct marketing in the world.

Let's look at the technology of direct marketing on the example of the strategy of shops COLIN'S.In 2006 the company COLIN'S has introduced a discount card system.Cards are issued subject to purchase and complete the questionnaire.According to the results obtained personal data has been analyzed and allocated customers target audience.Shops COLIN'S - a federal network, so that each region and store received different target audience.Direct Marketing (examples of COLIN'S show that the choice of strategy must be approached comprehensively) in this case was effective.

Thanks to the knowledge of its customers, the company has developed an effective strategy of direct marketing - sms-mailing, telemarketing, e-mail marketing, which allowed the company to always stay "in touch" with its customers.

From this example we can see that any form of marketing, including direct, are complex multi-level process, which includes market research, the selection and definition of a clear strategy for Central Asia.