Children Sergei Bezrukov: photo names.

Sergei Bezrukov - one of the few Russian actors, whose image can not be associated with any particular way, or role.Exclusivity Bezrukov as an artist is hard to overestimate.However, its spectators excite and simple everyday problems.Do Bezrukov children?The issue, until recently, many fans wondered artist.


famous Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov, wife, whose children are now living in Moscow, was born there in 1973, on 18 October.His father, Vitaly - actor and director of the Moscow Theater of Satire.His mother, Natalia S., housewife, previously worked as head of the store.The boy was named in honor of the poet Sergei Yesenin, who was very much appreciated father of the future actor.

Bezrukov since childhood dreamed of becoming an artist.But parents reacted to this idea without enthusiasm.However, the boy was involved in productions of school plays and studied with his father not to play, and live the role on stage.For the first time the future actor felt emotions portrayed the hero, as his own, at age fourteen, when he had to play the role of Leonidika in the play "My Poor Marat".Sergei attended ordinary general education Moscow school number 402, loved to come to work for his father, he wanted to continue his work.Surely children Bezrukov also be interested in the activities of his famous dad's in theater and film.


In 1990 Bezrukov receives a high school diploma and entered the Moscow Art Theatre School in the course of O. Tabakov.According to the recollections of Sergei, Oleg Pavlovich anyone and never made concessions in advance and taught his disciples to future burdens of acting craft.However, tobacco is very good to Bezrukov and strongly supported him.A talented young man graduated with honors.Who knows, maybe the children Bezrukov will be as successful in school?

theatrical career

still attending classes at the Studio School, the actor was playing in the theater OP Tabakov, where he in 1994 took a permanent job.Sergei was actively involved in theater productions.He played roles in such productions as "The Passion of Bumbarash", "Biloxi Blues", "Matrosskaya Tishina", "Jokes," "Psycho," "Overstocked Packaging Barrels", "finest hour, local time."For his achievements in the field of theater Bezrukov has received many prestigious awards.In addition to working with Oleg Pavlovich, the actor participated in the entreprise "witch", "Temptation".Played Theater.Anton Chekhov Mozart in "Amadeus" and Maurice Tebreta in the "sacred fire."In 1997, Sergei Bezrukov received the State Prize for his role in the formulation of Esenina "My life, Or you dreamed about me?", He played in the theater named after M. Ye Yermolova.The image of the great Russian poet is feeling trembling father of the famous actor.Vitaly attended every performance Yesenin with his son for several years.The "Amadeus" Sergei played Mozart, together with his mentor - Tabakov.Applause that viewers awarded Bezrukov, not inferior to those battered his eminent teacher.

Work on television

For several years (1994-1999) Bezrukov voiced by actors in the television program "Dolls".The transfer of latex pictures of the then Russian politicians enacted scenes, the plot that reflects current at the time of release events of the political life of the country.Audiences fell in love with "Dolls", respectively, it became interesting and sounded actor.According to the memoirs Bezrukov, his favorite characters were Kulikov and Zhirinovsky - thanks to a bright personality make it easier to articulate.Work on television has done of Sergei more famous, but one day Artist of realized that his the popularity of becomes somewhat lopsided.So a few years later he left the program.

first film work

of the early works in the movies the actor selects only the film "Chinese service" directed by V. Moskalenko, where he managed to bring to the screen a complex and multi-faceted way.There was also a role in the film "Crusader-2" Michael Tumanishvili.Sergei says that is rarely satisfied with the results of his work in the movie.It feels much more confident on the stage.Truly Bezrukov played a prominent role in the film "Azazel" in 2001.The actor was convincing in the form of a state councilor Ivan Brilling Frantsevich.

film "Brigade"

But the really popular Bezrukov made film "Brigade".Many people directorial choice of actor for the role of Sasha White seemed strange.Sergey still embodied on-screen images of bright, sunny people.How is this good natured handsome can be reincarnated as a brutal gangster?But the filmmakers took a chance.The role was written specifically for Sergei.The script was designed in the style of gangster thriller.The film combines all the components of a successful action: an entertaining plot, vivid characters, real friendship and mutual assistance, to overcome any obstacles.

Bezrukov made his hero suddenly human.Ambiguous actions Man, became the path of lawlessness and arbitrariness, became clear and close a multimillion audience.The whole country ached for the of the White and his brigade.The power of his talent, Sergei was able to make the ordinary, in fact, a bandit hero of our time.

The diversity of talent is no less striking success has brought the actor series "Land".Here Bezrukov depicted the honest and principled defender of the law - of the rural of the precinct Kravtsova.The picture was called folk artist starring again worn on the hands.However, Sergei again surprised the audience and starred in the comedy Ryazanov "The key to the bedroom."A talented the actor never sought to to go in cycles on one a successful roles or especially udavshemsya the image of.In 2004 he got the role of Vasily Stalin "Moscow Saga".A year later, I realized an old dream Bezrukov - he played in the movie by Sergei Yesenin.The film of the same name released on cinema screens in 2005 and caused a heated debate among the audience and critics.Some reproached the actor in the distortion of the image of of the great poet.Around the same time, Bezrukov played the role of Joshua in "Master and Margarita".And once again received mixed reactions from his audience.


In 2000, the actor married Irina Livanova.The girl at the time of acquaintance with the young man was already married to Igor Livanov and bore married son Andrew.Sergei Bezrukov, family, children for whom stayed until the unrealized dream, Irina interested.After a joint survey in "The Crusader-2" actor sent the girl a note with your phone number and the word "Waiting".A bold gesture impressed Irina and after much thought, she found an excuse to call Sergei.

elation young man convinced the lady to the seriousness of his feelings.Roman Bezrukov Livanova and developed in front of the omnipresent media.Irina Sergey made a marriage proposal in the dressing room of the Taganka Theater.Actor subdued beauty and intelligence of the actress, as well as the fact that she knew nothing about his roles in theater and film and loved above all as a person and not as a long-term and all the favorite artist.

Children Bezrukov

In October 2013 the press reported that Sergei and Irina Bezrukov came the long-awaited children.Rumors about this walked still in 2012-m year."Whether the child was born at Bezrukov?"- Asked the question excited spectators.However, only in 2013 there was reliable information about this fact.The father of the famous actor, Vitaly, not hiding elation, told Ukrainian television that he finally appeared grandchildren.48-year-old Irina few years trying to get pregnant, took place for this procedure of artificial insemination, and its efforts were unsuccessful.Children Bezrukov, a boy and a girl, were born with blue eyes and blond hair.Vitaly claims that grandchildren like him.Date of birth kids happy grandfather refuses to name.Therefore, information about when the children were born Sergei Bezrukov, photos of their dear persons will be available to the public only with the permission of the eminent actor.