Taylor Lautner - Filmography.

Taylor Lautner - quite a famous young actor who earned wide popularity role in the saga of four pictures of "Twilight."Many women, he subdued his smile, figure, attractive features.But the role of Jacob - not only played by an actor throughout his career, many of his fans would like to know the full list of pictures with his participation.After reviewing several works, you can clearly see how the boy is transformed into a young man as he grows, develops, and physically, and an operating time of acting skills.

elements biographies of the artist

Taylor Daniel Lautner (this is the full name of the actor) was born on 11 February 1992 in the United States, Michigan, Grand Rapids.His parents - Daniel and Deborah Lautner.The actor has a memorable and unusual appearance, because it has its roots from different nationalities: German, French, Dutch and Indian.From an early age he became interested in martial arts, from 6 years old he began to study karate.At age 7, he won the tournament in eight he was invited to study the seven-time champion Mike Chat.At the request of coach Taylor has represented his country at competitions International Karate Association, where he became a champion in the fight against weapons, she won 3 gold medals.This athletic achievements did not end at the age of 11 years, Lautner took first place in the world championships in 4 categories NASKA, and a year later became the junior world champion in karate.It is this activity, but rather a belief coach, led Taylor to the movies.

How did the actor's career?

Lautner Taylor Filmography which today is quite wide, not just got to shoot a movie.He first went to audition for advertising fast food chain in Los Angeles.The experience ended in failure, but it did not upset the boy, on the contrary, showed him his opportunity and provided the impetus to develop in this direction.Soon the family only manages to drive from Michigan to Florida to young talent could participate in trials and auditions.Roles in movies began accrue Taylor was 9 years old, he played in feature films and television series, and voiced cartoons.In 2002, the family decided to move to Los Angeles, the boy could operate freely and free time to devote to art of the actor.Significant role in the movie appeared in 2001, and on American television a new star - Taylor Lautner.

filmography young talent

first actor played the role in the series, but later took part in the filming of a rather important and famous paintings.Us enumerate all the movies with Taylor Lautner, where he played and the main, and supporting roles, as well as of work on ozvuchke characters:

  • 2001 - telefizionny fantastic action "The Shadow killer", the role of Kismet;
  • 2001 - the film "My Wife and Kids" (issued in series until 2005), performs Tyrone;
  • 2001 - "Bernie Mac Show" (filmed before 2006), played by Aaron;
  • 2002 - series "What's New, Scooby-Doo?"(up to 2006), voiced by Dennis;
  • 2003 - series "Duck Dodgers" (up to 2005), the voice of Reggie Wasserstein;
  • 2004 - animated series "Danny Phantom" (up to 2009), voiced voiceover role Youngblood;
  • 2004 - "Eternal Summer", plays the role of a boy on the beach;
  • 2005 - "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl" plays Sharkboy;
  • 2005 - "Cheaper by the Dozen 2", the role of Eliot Murtaugh;
  • 2005 - TV series "Love Incorporation" (until 2006), played by Eliot;
  • 2006 - television film "It bully, Charlie Brown", voiced by points;
  • 2008 - TV series "My personal enemy", takes Jack Spivey;
  • 2008 - "Twilight" role of Jacob Black;
  • 2009 - "Twilight. Saga. New Moon," Jacob again;
  • 2010 - The "Valentine's Day", plays a Willie;
  • 2010 - "Twilight. Saga. Eclipse" takes Jacob Black;
  • , 2011 - short film "Field of Dreams 2: Lockout," the role of Job Farmer;
  • , 2011 - "The Chase", plays the role of Nathan Harper;
  • , 2011 - "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 1", plays a Jacob Black;
  • 2012 - "Twilight. Saga. Dawn. Part 2," Jacob again;
  • 2013 - "Grown Ups 2" plays Andy brotherhood of Man, but uncredited;
  • 2014 - "Tracers", the role of Cam.

Here in these pictures played Taylor Lautner.Filmography and so rather long, and in another picture - "The Chronicles of the house butcher" and hardly acting career of the popular boys at this end.

first painting, which brought the popularity of

For 4 years the actor has played in many films and serials, but by the time he was seen only on American television.As often happens with very young actors - they are cute, good, good, but remembered only if played an important role in a memorable film, or grown, transformed into attractive guys and girls.This is what happened with Taylor, to which the first success came with the painting "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl."In it, he showed not only his acting talent, but also nedyuzhy physical training, helped by regular practice karate.

About the saga "Twilight"

sensational media franchise in the world Lautner made an idol of youth, a symbol of attractiveness and lively energy.Many viewers and fans of all parts of the film acknowledge Taylor's most enjoyable character of the saga.Caters to match the image of Jacob, Lautner had to increase physical activity, he worked hard in the gym, swimming and stick to your diet.He eventually build muscle and got 8 cubes press.How to says in an interview with the actor himself, him the it was interesting to to star in each of the parts "Twilight", because that the with paintings were heading different directors.Because of this approach to the next film differed from the previous one, it was possible to correct the shortcomings of his hero, learn to demonstrate previously unknown feeling.He was sad to part with Jacob, but time goes on, life goes on, new hobbies and, most importantly, the role in the film.

A little bit about personal life

Lautner Taylor, the role in the cinema whose are different, and heroes not always are similar to the actor himself, in his spare time continues to be engaged karate, football and baseball.He also took part in performances of jazz and hip-hop groups.After filming the movie "Valentine's Day" while meeting with peers Taylor Swift, who dedicated to him one of his songs after breaking up.Who is eligible bachelor Taylor Lautner (whose growth is 179 centimeters) meets with actress Maria AVGEROPOULOS.They are - a very beautiful couple, but look to the future of their relationship, we can not do.

This information will be of interest to viewers who liked the actor Taylor Lautner.Filmography actor diverse, allows you to see every facet of a talented artist, and paintings are pleasing to view.