How to prepare Pizza Puff Puff dough

Pizza Puff Puff dough - tasty, satisfying dish, which also prepares fast enough.Everything else, in your refrigerator always find most of the ingredients needed for the preparation of this original Italian food.Even dough is ready, you can buy in the store.But we consider the case when all preparing themselves.

So what you need the dough for pizza?It's up to you.Some like only yeast, the other did not recognize.The result of satisfied with all - and it is the most important thing.We are preparing a dish called "Pizza Puff Puff dough."

begin with preparation of the dough for a cake.Necessary ingredients:

  • flour - two glasses;
  • two eggs;
  • half a glass of warm milk;
  • teaspoon of salt;
  • so much same of olive oil.

Mix flour and salt in a bowl stir the eggs with the milk, topped up with olive oil.On the sly we pour out mixture of into the container with the flour, regularly interfering with.Prisypaya hands of with flour, mesim the dough.Do this for about 10 minutes - to the elasticity.Form a ball, wrap for 15 minutes in a wet towel.

Finish can be rolled.

What do we need to get the Pizza Puff Puff dough:

  • prepared dough;
  • small jar of olives, pitted;
  • a small jar of of cucumbers of pickled;
  • onion;
  • one tomato;
  • 5-6 smoked sausages;
  • mayonnaise;
  • pound of cheese;
  • dill, parsley, cilantro,
  • tablespoon Italian herbs.

Cooking basis.To do this, we take to do the test, and spread on a baking sheet, oiled hands stretch his trays and flatten.Lightly sprinkle with olive oil and deal with preparing topping.Mix into a bowl sweet ketchup, mayonnaise and Italian herbs.

Then chop the tomatoes and sausage kruglyashami and pickled cucumber - small cubes.In a skillet passiruem chopped onions.In our version, fry on both sides and a glass of tomato.Divide into pieces olives.

Cooking pizza.With a spoon put on test basis of a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise and evenly cover the surface while wiping.Vyklydyvaem slices of tomatoes and fried onions.As a second layer using
pickles.Above them decompose sausage and sprinkle with cheese all design, pre-worn.What kinds of cheese used to decide as you can be the one that you just like most of all.

on the result of its work, spread the grass coriander, dill and parsley, chopped beforehand.It is desirable to make the process zavershinie mesh mayonnaise.

Baked Pizza Puff Puff dough at a temperature of 200 degrees in the oven.Baking time - approximately 20 - 25 minutes.

preparing a It's delicious a dish, possible to use other ingredients or to change them every time.Instead, there is the option of sausages with the use of bacon, mushrooms, you can bake the pizza without meat products, only vegetable.For children, one big cake, cut into four parts, and you will get such nice mini-pizzas.By the way, this dish salt is not recommended.

Bon appetit!