Shark fat - source of health of our skin

Every woman wants to preserve as much as possible their youth and beauty.The modern cosmetic industry offers a lot of new products.Our discussion will focus on those which are not based shark oil in combination with other components.These cosmetic products have a toning and moisturizing effect, give a wonderful lifting and antioxidant effect.They have the ability to eliminate dark spots and prevent their appearance.The healing of micro cracks of the skin, its stimulation of energy metabolism, anti-allergic effect make them indispensable in the age and allergic skin changes.

What is shark liver oil contains, and why drugs are so effective it?

known that a part of it includes alkilglitserin substance, has beneficial effects on the immune system.Under the influence of his normal formation of white blood cells that produce antibodies that protect against any infection.Alkilglitserin stimulates the synthesis of red blood cells and platelets, preventing the development of anemia and hemorrhagic phenomena.T

hrough this component of shark oil has an antioxidant effect on the intracellular level.This creates a powerful barrier to aging skin, making it healthy and fresh, raises the vitality of the whole body and improves the condition of chronic diseases.

known that shark oil contains a natural antibiotic, called squalamine.It is extremely effective and has no side effects.Its action is aimed at bacteria and fungi.It relieves inflammation, helps patients with immunodeficiency.The shark liver oil contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fats, such as squalene.He has an active anti-oxidant action, heals wounds and ulcers, reduces inflammation, and even has anti-tumor effect.

A list of valuable biologically active substances that does not end.The included shark collagen fat can increase skin elasticity.It helps the disappearance of wrinkles and has a remarkable lifting effect.Cream containing pineapple juice and fat shark has properties bioliftinga, whitening and moisturizing effect.When removing freckles and age spots showed himself very well with cream Badane and shark oil.

Also produced balsam for the hair, strengthen them and enhance their growth.Enjoying success lip balms.They have a protective effect, nourishes and regenerates the mucous membranes.Furthermore creams and balms, different masks are produced from shark oil, containing, among other components, a large amount of collagen.They are recommended to do twice a week.Thanks to the masks, the skin looks young and fresh, smooth out fine wrinkles, appear healthy tone and beautiful complexion.

Besides skin care face a large number of ointments, balms and creams to treat a very wide range of diseases.The effect of these agents provides primarily shark oil.Cream or ointment with him and various plant components are effective for skin care and hair, with varicose disease of the legs, joint pain.These are used for diseases of the joints to relieve inflammation and pain.There are creams that have antifungal activity, and creams are used to treat heel spurs and ingrown nails.

The effectiveness of all these tools proven in practice.They are a very good option in the care of the skin of any age women.Try these remedies and cosmetics.You probably will be satisfied with the outcome.All the best!