The power of thought - is the force

very strong influence on the person has his belief in himself, his thoughts.The power of the mind - it is the most important factor that controls the actions, and even life itself in the end.If you learn to control yourself internally, you will be forces to control any situation.

internal dialogue that you conduct yourself with the power of ideas to help organize different aspects of your life.If you try to focus more on positive things, then everything seems much better.If you have a positive attitude, you look more attractive appearance, too.

As the quality of our lives is determined by how we feel in certain cases, perceive reality, the positive thinking, the power of thought have a tremendous impact on the state as a whole.In order to survive, to live, flourish just need to set yourself a positive emerging conflicts and contradictions solved constructively.After all face challenges.The main thing - to learn how to efficiently spend the available resources of the body, to respond effectively to the situation.

must learn to focus on the positive, on the success.The power of thought is so great that if you focus all your attention on the main objectives, they will certainly be able to achieve.Thoughts material.You have to think well and everything will be fine.A difficulty - is a temporary phenomenon.They make us stronger.You can not become successful, do not learn to overcome adversity.In any situation, you can find anything good.

We have repeatedly heard about people who have the power of thought allows, or rather to say, helps to move various items.And this is not fiction.This phenomenon is called "telekinesis".If translated literally - movement in the distance.This contributes to the psi-energy, biological energy.

has long been observed that the power of thought, as well as other features of the body, can be activated as a result of trauma, stress, electric shock, etc.It says that every body has latent abilities hidden reserves.It is only necessary to create a favorable environment for their development.Currently, there are several sets to help develop these skills.

How to learn to move objects by thought an ordinary person?Is it possible?

believed that it needs to learn how to cast spells.Moreover and according to a certain pattern, and so long until fatigue.There is the concept of "second wind."It is believed that this organism is exhausted, leaving the force if the person, but suddenly the body switch to a backup source.

In recent years, the United States, Princeton University, the phenomenon of telekinesis closely observed and studied.His staff concluded that this quality in one degree or another is inherent in everyone.The idea has the ability to affect the physical body.This is a very exciting spectacle.

How to make the first steps towards telekinesis?Take the thread length ten to fifteen centimeters, and some cargo tie it to a string.Suitable conventional ring.We sit down at the table, take the thread with the pendulum arm.For right-handers it would be the right hand, left-handed, respectively, left.We must let go all thoughts without exception, and think only of the pendulum.You can ask for the pendulum to swing.But in any case it is not necessary to shake.He must himself, through your thoughts, execute commands.This should eventually get everyone.But telekinesis as such, in more serious scale, is not available to everyone.Workout routine then little to achieve.Someone has the ability, but he does not know that, and someone will suffer, but to no avail ...