Pisces, the astrological or epilogue

Pisces - an exceptional figure in the horoscope.It completes the whole cycle of a star, so those born in the period from late February until 21 March inherent specific features and characteristics that are not found in the other astrological constellations.Controls Pisces unhurried and thoughtful planet Neptune, which gives his players languor and mystery.The fact that this is the last astrological sign in the horoscope, enables born in this period in his nature to combine the characteristics of all the other pieces of the horoscope.However, no such feature in the character of the fish themselves does not appear too bright.Persons controlled by the planet Neptune, the inherent moderation, balance, sometimes shyness.Pisces makes its representatives are very soft and sentimental, which often interferes with their work or personal life.They are very sensitive, vulnerable and overly superstitious.Excessive demands on their own appearance, typical of the vast majority of individuals that are managed by the zodiac sign Pisces.

Feature sign

Fish - people with developed intuition.They live emotions.Very often, they tend to make the right decisions in his life.Many believe that it is good luck or great good luck and a bright star that shines life people controlled this planet.Insight enables them to make the right choices.Therefore, among the individuals who are born when the horoscope governs the zodiac sign Pisces, can be found the highest percentage of successfully passed all the exams, win the lottery or a game show.

representatives of this zodiacal constellation are able to communicate with others and create in their eyes a favorable impression of himself.This may explain the fact that fish is very often choose professions that are related to psychology and sociology.And it's not all about the zodiac sign Pisces.It should be said that the people of this astrological sign are prone to isolation and solitude, despite his sociability.Sometimes they rush to extremes: after a very busy and active life suddenly start preaching asceticism, many even go to the monastery, there to find peace.In general, religion plays a big role in their lives.They are very devout, though sometimes try to hide it under a feigned indifference to the spiritual attributes.

Many members of this water element of their excessive sensitivity and superstition leads to mental disorders.Among them you can meet a lot of the mentally ill and those with suicidal tendencies.However, not all that bad.It is only the extreme.In most cases the fish are calm, kind and helpful people.Among the representatives of this water sign as many talented people.It is a subtle perception of reality and fantasy developed to help Pisces express themselves in writing.Many members of this astrological sign are good artists, musicians, poets, filmmakers, writers and actors.

Pisces gives his players all over the emotional.They are very amorous, every time they covered this feeling, it seems that this is forever.However, persistence is not the main feature of the fish-men.Faced with another object of admiration, they dramatically grow cold and burdened by their former relationship.

Fight for Fish - this is not the main goal in life.They do not like and do not tend to open hostility, although their success in politics or sports, which is very difficult to live without intrigues and controversies, could enter anyone astray.But, as mentioned above, it is only the result of a developed intuition, and not a sign of a struggle.When approaching the grave danger these people are trying to get away from the race and start doing something else in another area, where quiet and safe.