How to clean a laptop that is not inhibited: tips for beginners

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As we know, there is one laptop is not very positive feature - they can overheat.Sometimes people are leaving a lot of time trying to understand the reasons for this.And what can they be?Very often it happens to overheat due to dust.Therefore, in a variety of forums relevant question is how to clean a laptop.In order to not brake your computer, it is required to do compulsory.It is necessary to consider more methods of dust control.

Modern devices are pretty powerful technique, "iron" whose ability to heat up during operation.Especially much heat is generated during the execution of difficult tasks.The reason for the emergence of the issue of how to clean a laptop that is not inhibited, often serve as features such as off, a loud noise of the fan and overheating.Rather, each user will agree that it's very unnerving.Especially if you are doing something important, and the device is switched off at the worst possible time for this.But do not despair, you can still fix it.

In that case, if the warranty period has not yet ended, then you can safely deliver your product to the store where you purchased it.But if the guarantee is no longer valid, and you do not want to give equipment repair center laptop, you should think about finding independent solutions.

is not always the issue of cleaning the notebook is set by experienced users.Members also suffer from the search for solutions to this problem.It is with newcomers, and is a simple way to share a cleaning.It is also suitable for those who are not well versed in computer components.Even if you disassemble the device before, the question of how to clean a laptop that did not brake, you still can make you nervous.To do it right, you need to follow some guidelines.

  1. worth to buy a screwdriver, compressed air container and antistatic gloves.Cleaning should be carried out on a dry surface.
  2. First of all you need to remove the back of the case.Turn off your device completely and begin to unscrew the corresponding screws.To this should be approached carefully, since the fastening system can be under the legs and the side panel.Make sure all unscrewed, you have to remove the case.
  3. should be cleaned of dust fan and heat sink.If you come to find a solution to the problem of how to clean a laptop that did not brake, you should understand one simple thing: everything must be done carefully.Otherwise, after cleaning you will get other problems.To release the fan and the radiator from dust, use compressed air.To rotate the items was not too fast, it is necessary to make a short press on the button spray.Keep container itself vertically to the unit from getting liquid.
  4. should be cleaned from dust all the extra details and collect the laptop.By performing this step, you should check whether all the items are in good order.Clean all parts, you need to tie the body in place.All must be done carefully and cautiously.If you start to fasten the screw is too long, you can pierce the board.It should also be considered.

Once the laptop is collected back, you will need to fix the battery back, connect the battery charger and turn on the device.After cleaning technique should work quietly and without high heat.If the problem with the heat persists, you should consider replacing the thermal grease.But in this case without the knowledge of the device can not do.Also it is necessary to understand that some devices are too complex even for simple disassembly.This applies to such models, such as the Asus.And if you're not confident in their abilities, then try to find out is not necessary.It is better to pay to the center, where specialists provide laptop repair Asus.In Moscow or other major cities such companies quite a lot.But if you decide to do everything yourself, you should wish you luck.