Alex Pettyfer: Filmography and brief biography of the actor

Many fans of cinema interested in information about who is Alex Pettyfer.Actor filmography includes several well-known projects, including "Stormbreaker" and "I - the fourth."But the birthplace of Alex?What are his plans for the future?In what movies he starred?Answers to these questions are of interest to many.

Childhood actor

Actor Alex Pettyfer (Richard Alexander) was born on April 10, 1990 in the town of Stevenage, Hertfordshire in (United Kingdom).His father is actor Richard Pettyfer.Mother - Lee Ireland, worked as a model and designer.When Alex was three years old, her parents divorced, and then remarried mother.In 1993, the boy appeared half-brother James, who today is professionally engaged in tennis.

The boy grew up in Windsor and, by the way, very soon began a modeling career.In one of the toy stores in New York, little Alex remarked Ralph Lauren, who offered a seven-year boy to star in a commercial for the brand «GAP».Since then, Alex constantly filmed for commercials.It should also be noted that he always participated in school theater productions, in particular, played Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."In 16 years, I graduated from high school guy.He was offered his studies at Shiplake College, which he refused - Alex chose the School of Dramatic Art.

«Tom Brown's Schooldays" and start acting career

After a successful start modeling career began to appear on the screens of the picture, which involved Alex Pettyfer.Filmography he begins with the film "Tom Brown's Schooldays."This film adaptation of the novel by Thomas Hughes, released in 1857.The plot (as the film and the book), based on the history of a real person, that changed the UK education system.

Alex here has got the main role of Tom Brown.In fact skillfully played the good-natured boy liked not only the audience.It was after this role, the young actor began to receive attractive offers from producers and directors.

Alex Pettyfer: Filmography

After playing schoolboy young actor quickly received an offer to star in the sci-fi thriller "Stormbreaker", which was released in 2006.Here, Alex played fourteen orphan Alex Rider, who after the death of his uncle to become a real spy and save the world.

In 2008, Alex got the role of Freddy in a film about girl-rebel "Wild Child".In 2009, screens out the picture "torn", where the actor played Bradley.Of course, there are other movies with Alex Pettyfer.

In 2011, the actor took part in the filming sci-fi thriller "I - the fourth."Here he played John Smith - one of the aliens, who in an attempt to escape from his pursuers moves to a small town in Ohio, where there is a new school, friends and even finds first love.

In the same 2011, the display shows the new work of Alex - the movie "Beastly", the plot of which was based on the famous tale of "Beauty and the Beast."Here he played Kyle Kingston - beautiful, arrogant and superficial guy who is used to judge people by appearance.As a result of the curse of the sorceress it loses its beauty and becomes a real "monster."The only way to break the curse - to make sure that she loved him.

There is also movies with Alex Pettyfer.For example, in 2011 he played in Fortis fiction film "Time".In 2012 he appeared with Cheningom Tatum in the new part of the biographical film "Magic Mike."He also played in the film by Thomas "Butler" (2013).More recently, on the screens out the new drama "Anatomy of Love", where Alex got the main role of David Elliott.

Life actor

course, many fans know who Alex Pettyfer.His filmography is quite extraordinary, but the actor's private life is no less interesting.In particular, it was known that he had met with his partner in the film "Stormbreaker" Sarah Bolger, but their relationship quickly ended.

After that, the actor began dating actress Emma Roberts.In addition, he had a relationship with Olivia Simpson, the daughter of the manager.In an interview, Alex said that the girl leaves him almost no personal space, trying to control every minute of his life.On the film "I - the fourth" actor met with Diana Agron.Couple pretty quickly announced their engagement, but the future of the wedding was canceled for unknown reasons.On account of an affair with Alex and the granddaughter of the famous Elvis Presley - Riley Keough.Young people are ready for the wedding, but she broke off the engagement, citing the groom infidelity.