Gorgeous Anna Azerli.

Anna Azerli - ordinary person, and today it has a large army of fans around the world.Someone she won her amazing voice, the other - acting talent, others admire her stunning form.

Anna Azerli.Biography: childhood

Today it feels great in Russia, and even many of the impression that it is Russian.About her today I speak all and sundry.After all, the story of her life, reports the media to the masses is quite controversial and has many dark sides.Yet hardly anyone in our country today seem unfamiliar name - Anna Azerli.Biography diva actually remains a mystery to many.

known that she was born in 1980 in the capital of New Zealand - Wellington.Her father was a German diplomat of Polish descent, and his mother - an Italian, a native of Milan, where she belonged to a respected family of industrialists known in Italy Bartolini.When Anna was still a child, her parents were killed in a plane crash, and she was brought up in the South of France from a distant relative of the father.A relative was not a Russian emigrant, is not the polka, which owned the Russian language, and their little knowledge of Russian, according to Anna, she got it from her kindergarten teacher.

Even as a little girl, the girl stood out among their peers a beautiful voice and an absolute ear for music, so it was decided to send her to study in Milan to the relatives of the mother.Thus, the 14-year-old Anna Azerli went to the capital and began to engage in singing with Professor Roberto Negri - the best of teachers in this area.

Gorgeous Anna Azerli.Biography and way of becoming

lessons with the great maestro has not been in vain, and she soon entered the school-studio at the La Scala Opera House.In the studio, her teacher became diva Leyla Genscher.She handed her the secrets of the bel canto.This was followed by numerous international competitions, in which Anna was only the high places.

At the age of 19 she already performs on the best opera houses not only Italy, but all over the world, takes almost the entire dramatic repertoire.Among the fans of the famous opera becomes the new opera star - Anna Azerli.Photo sexy beauties, possessing tremendous strong voice, attract the views of many directors and producers.So Anna decides to leave the opera stage.

creative way stars

After retiring from the stage, Anna meets a young but already well-known Italian composer Marco Adami.He wrote songs for famous singers such as Zucchero, Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti and others. After the meeting with the composer Anna Azerli, biography which was already at that time well known to lovers of opera, dramatically changing its course.This event overturns her life.

composer wrote for her some beautiful songs that are already known to be a success.Anna's enchanting voice can not even touch the hearts of listeners sverhtrebovatelnyh, and she finds admirers among fans of pop music.Thus, their joint work, namely recording of songs in Italian and English, it brings even greater glory.All the songs become hits, and the name of the singer becomes famous not only in Italy but also abroad.

singer and Hollywood

After shooting a few clips to her songs Anna Azerli become a welcome guest on the Italian TV.Her stunning looks, the model height (175 centimeters) and a sexy shape attracted many film producers.It rained offers from various Italian channels on to become the heroine of the television series.Anna, who welcomes all new, is not averse to try myself in a new role, and the interesting thing is that soon it all starts very much, and she can not imagine themselves outside of television.

She acted in several French and Italian projects.So there is a new star of TV series - sexy Anna Azerli.Filmography her except serials roles, including several American paintings, but the most important for it is the role of the main character in the Hollywood films "The Day of kisses."

Its partners there are such megastars as Danny De Witte, Keanu Reeves and Dustin Hoffman.Director of the film was Farid Humbatov.To participate in this project, Anna signed a contract with the American film company "Universal Pictures".In 2012, Anna, thanks to its forms, becomes the winner of "Miss Hollywood Body".The newspaper 'DLA Times "recognize her right to be the new queen of Hollywood.It is compared with Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bordeaux.

Anna and Anna Russian

Azerli a child brought up by a Russian emigrant and from her learned to speak a little in Russian.Therefore, in Russia it is very comfortable.Her Russian TV channels vying invited to take part in various TV shows: it cooks, it's coming to visit one or another Russian star, that is involved in presentations and secular parties.Wherever she appeared, the star is always in the limelight and the sights of television and still cameras.