Akinshin Oksana: Russian star filmography

actress Oksana Akinshina - an odious personality.Undoubtedly talented, intelligent, intolerant and immediately prior to the faux pas.If the film involved Akinshin, then you will find a mixed intriguing spectacle.This artist is able, like no other, to create the atmosphere of the on-screen utmost sincerity and psychological intensity.

Always different

Movies Oksana Akinshina - a variety of colorful characters created by her transformation from angular uncompromising teenager in the film "Sisters" to the feminine and sexy Uses in the musical "dudes".From each image, which embodies the screen actress, always tense waiting for some crazy action.That it is in real life - and craziest attractive, sensible and brave.

Akinshina Oksana: Filmography beginning of the 2000s

Her debut remembered all who care about the art of tending to the art house.Although the film Bodrov Jr. "Sisters" (2001) and is not in the full sense of the model in this category, in terms of style, artistic design, casting and soundtrack he is quite close to it.Thirteen Oksana, apparently, played in the movie itself, with the only exception that was never stepdaughter gangster and did not experience similar adventures with chases and weapons.She grew up in a prosperous family of St. Petersburg, far from the cinema (Mom - accountant dad - car mechanic).How many of her peers, she studied dance in children's creative circle.In casting the film "Sisters", which drew long lines eager to star Sergei Bodrov the main contenders for the role Akinshin, as usual, came by accident.Bodrov was trying to find the identity of a young, independent and strong-minded, not conformist and not a good boy.Eight-year-Dean played Katya Gorev, for the role of her sister's mother without hesitation chose Bodrov Oksana Akinshina.Films in which her character as desperate and responsive, began after the "Sisters" appear one after another.And for this work, "sisters" awarded "The best actor duet."

Lily - not forever

In 2002, there was a poignant drama theaters Swedish director Lukas Moodysson "Lilya Forever".In the main role was invited Oksana Akinshina who liked Moodysson in "Sisters".Here, the actress appears as a sixteen-year-girl Lily, his mother abandoned to their fate.The heroine, and so difficult, obstinate character, it is organically not tolerate hypocrisy, and hypocrisy, her relationship with her family and his classmates are very complex, and it does not find support anywhere.The only other and touching love Lily became an orphan same Volodya, but he goes to commit suicide after deceived Lily went to Sweden for the ghost of a better life.The role, of course, failed actress.Among the awards received at festivals picture, there are two awards for Best Actress, won their Akinshina Oksana.Filmography young artist, however, is entirely contained characters with a difficult life in difficult circumstances.Andrei in the film based on the novel by Vladimir Proshkina Zheleznikova "Games moths" actress got the role of a similar tone - she played the girlfriend, faithfully and selflessly loving protagonist musician bone that does not respond to her feelings.The Dutch film "South" in 2003 Akinshin pursues the same role - unhappy emigrant, a single mother, living in the Netherlands illegally Zoe.Actress alarmed and ceased to accept an offer to play in similar roles.

adventurous role

In 2004, Oksana has missed an opportunity to shine in the role of adventurer extravagant Esther in the film adaptation of the novel Akunin "State Councillor," because they do not come to work the first day of shooting.In the same year Akinshina flashed brightly as Irina in uncompensated detective adventure "The Bourne Supremacy."A fantasy Nikolai Lebedev's "Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs" (2006), she appeared in the form knesinki (something like the Princess) Eleni and it was quite a different role.The strong-willed, fragile, brave and skillful warrior woman aroused public respect and admiration.The film, though critics did not like, was a success on the screens of the country, and certainly not the last role in this played the fact that it participated Akinshina Oksana.Filmography Actress replenished delightful character that appears on the screen sparkling musical Valeri Todorovski "dudes".It matured and charming girl played representative nonconformist youth 50-ies of the last century."Redneck", sticking to the orthodox ideological party units in lifestyle and clothing, dudes opposed freedom of thought and gaudy bright outfits.

recent film work

Peter Buslova film "Vysotsky.Thank you for living "(2011), scripted by Nikita Vysotsky has caused mixed reactions.The picture has collected a huge number of spectators, and at the same time was evaluated negatively by many famous people of art.The cast of the movies turned out to be a magnificent structure: Andrei Panin, Maxim Leonidov, Ivan Urgant, Smolyakov Andrey Bezrukov Sergey Akinshin Oksana.Filmography last shone nervous and touching role of friend of the great poet Tatyana Ivleva, which was the prototype of a real person (Oksana Afanasyeva) and at the same time represented the generalized image of lovers Vysotsky.A year later, she starred in the comedy "8 ​​First Dates.In the story of her character - talk show host Vera - persistently stubborn destiny brings a veterinarian Nikita.In the sequel to the film "8 divorces first" heroes unsuccessfully trying to leave.The films - only part kinobiografii Oksana Akinshina, already starring in more than 20 tapes.Acute distinctive and subtle psychology actress - a guarantee that she will truly starry future.

remains to add that Oksana, who became famous on the personal front bright novels, raises two charming synishek - Philip and bones.