Praying for love - to whom and how to pray

man not to have known the love, it is considered defective.And for society, and for himself.People who are unable to experience is the greatest of the senses - the units, the primary weight just does not want to work spiritually and train your heart of love.
But as for the acquisition of the image of a successful person is required to enter into marital union, the people who have reached the age at which people take on the family, but did not meet its desired half, begin to suffer.And not only the knowledge that they are lonely, but also the condemnation of society - sometimes tacit and often very loud.

why youth is making efforts to solve this problem, often slowly, if only to avoid the condemnation of others.

As a result, they turn to fortunetellers and sorcerers, although it is known that these services are always of the discharge of dangerous.But this danger is poorly recognized, when a man and then pushes the ill (and sometimes interfere with career development, and in other work and personal matters), which is hard to bear.

Fortune-tellers and wizards of different ranks and titles promise to appeal to them for help to solve their problem: there is, say, a very effective prayer of love.

Client issued text and one sincerely believes that this magical tekstovka really help find happiness.

And sorcerer requires that the client did not have any vested interests in relation to the future spouse.That is, do not ask the wizard to help find a rich husband so that he did not notice the daily expenses to live could almost still free and so on.But no prayer of love will not lead to anyone's wife, willing to play a silent walking wallet, and another - the role of the ideal sexual partner.

But if the thoughts a person is really clean and he was genuinely looking for someone with whom to build a real and durable family of children will be born, that he does not need to be a prayer of love from the sorcerer.Search

rich man who allegedly did not know where to spend the money, it is meaningless.Even rich people want to love and be loved.

Prayer for love would be effective only if, without any other wizards and psychics, one begins to ask God to send him to meet with the restriction for a long and happy life.

O All-good Lord!Please, accept my love that fills my soul, my faith that always lives in my heart.In all I submit to the will of Thy holy.

I beseech Thee, O Lord, keep me from pride and sadness, doubt and temptation.Give me the strength to prayer, faith and patience.Bless the Lord, my works, take evil and sinful thoughts.

In all, O Lord, Thy will ask prividitsya an honest marriage of love and respect.pursuant to the law and designed for thee thy says Holy Father is not good for man to be alone.

humbly pray, O Lord, from the heart without blemish, of the honest and pious wife, life with him in faith, harmony and love.
Thank you, Lord.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.And now and ever and ever and ever.Amen.

This, coming from the heart to please God and have a really powerful prayer of love: such appeals reach the God and He sends the long-awaited meeting.Moreover, these marriages are made in heaven, and count the people, hung on the weird robes and seated in skillfully draped rooms, will be able to change the destiny according to your wishes - at least, naive.Even if the Dodgers have some kind of power, the power of the good, and for their services not only have to pay bills, but its peaceful future.
better pray to God and ask Him through the Holy.It is well known what kind of saints in which the needs are likely to help.And they should pray.So the priests, for example, recommended to pray for the gift of a good marriage Orthodox Prince Daniel of Moscow, the holy Apostle John the Evangelist, a holy and righteous Peter and Fevronia, the model of a happy family many years of happiness.

respond very quickly and the other saints, or name, that is, the person whose name is, or glorified by many miracles.For unmarried girls often receive fulfillment of a wish to marry after they read a prayer while Matrona of Moscow about love.Very good visit Kolomenskoye Moscow monastery where the rest of its power, but the saint hears requests for assistance, regardless of where the person is.