Planning costs or procurement plan: objective, purpose and effect

Procurement planning of any enterprise - the basis for efficient spending of available funds and borrowings.The procurement plan is a consolidated program costs covering the planned activities in which the breakdown by type of activity accounted for upcoming procurement actions for the purchase of goods, equipment, services and works.

on the territory of the Russian Federation is currently purchases for state needs are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law № 223-FZ on 22.07.2011g., And all of these purchases are carried out in the form of public tender procedures with obligatory announcement in the official sources of notifications of their conduct.Annual, mid-term (3-5 years) and long-term prospects are formed in the procurement document, referred to as "procurement plan" or "procurement program".

However, it seems to us, not only for large gosudarstvennnogo and municipal enterprises has undeniable value of good planning purchases.Along with the business plan, procurement plan helps with high probability to predict the consumption of funds to maintain the functioning of production, to identify possible areas of volumes of resources for expansion and renovation.An important part of planning is the established system of marketing research, formalization which provides an adequate definition of the cost to be purchasing goods and services.To do this, it is advisable to develop and adopt a legal act of the local regulations of market research, which, in addition edinoobrazonogo mechanism of market research, establish the personal responsibility of those involved in rates for goods and materials.Thus, it is prevented overestimation of the planned amount and the distortion performance of procurement procedures.As stated above, the procurement plan drawn up on the basis of the action plan, the needs of the implementation of each of which are incorporated into a single document.So synergies achieved from the consolidation of the volume of inventories compared to the situation when there is a natural to provide every event held at the company - whether it is a current, major repairs or reconstruction of basic equipment.In close connection with the procurement plans are organizing their own activities of procurement procedures, which have proved their effectiveness when they are carrying it in a regulated procurement.

Core - oktryty competition - is governed by civil law.This is a public procedure, and it is also the most "severe" for buyers.Since refuse to conduct such purchases after the deadline, when before the date of opening of envelopes with the proposals of the participants have less than 5 days, you can not.

more flexible way are open request for proposals, RFQ or open competitive negotiations.All of these procedures for the implementation of the procurement plan are carried out by the procurement commission or with the assistance of the organizers, who will take responsibility for the impact of the work.Only in the case of procurement of simple products in small amounts rather simple analysis of prices, which will reduce the time and labor resources.In general, procurement planning, as well as all other activities of any company, should be carried out in a professional manner, and in this case it is able to ensure maximum economic efficiency.