What do you need to forgive women?

And the weak, and the stronger sex has its own peculiarities.Sometimes it is just silly to try to change their partner.The only possible way - to accept and live with.There are a number of women's characteristic features that are inherent in every, or almost every girl.And if you want to enter into long-term and certainly happy relationship, it is better to be prepared in advance.

We - hysterical!

All, of course, to varying degrees.Someone begins to show a bad mood during PMS, some due to problems at work, someone every day habit.Remember, man, if we weep and beat the dishes, while shouting that you messed up our lives, maybe it does not mean anything.It just happened ... just need to let off steam when too many things at once came over.

Try not to respond in kind.Wait out, move to the side and when you see that there was a lull, his arms and offer words of encouragement.There is a possibility that you will not easily survive the storm, but certainly grateful that you give beloved, eclipse all negative emotions.

We shedding!

Our hair everywhere - on the carpet, on a bed, on your clothes, in a car seat in the bathroom and the kitchen.Just accept it as a reality.We are not special.Do not be afraid that in a few months we oblyseem.No shedding for us - a normal process, not a threatening hair.

We love cute sayings!

Kitty-Pupsik-hryumsik - all manifestations of our love.Mimimishnye treatment - is part of the relationship with us.I do not like?Nothing will soon get used to and begin to respond in kind.And how delighted she will react to your mimimi back.Call it Zainka-sun, butterfly, and you will see results!

We - just people!

course, are different from men, but women - not ethereal fairy love, as perhaps you thought before.Sometimes we sweat and smell bad, and sometimes get drunk at times and do not look sick.You do not like it?Understand that if we were really magical creatures, we would simply have not met!

We've been going!

If we decide that looks bad, it is better not to leave us out of the house, because then get ready for a tantrum.Remember: it's not that these jeans do not fit with this jacket, but a week ago, they are perfectly in harmony in a single ensemble.It's all about the internal state.If a woman is something wrong in the heart, then his appearance will not accept it.Give her time to cope with it, do not hurry up, go do something.

We believe in what is written in the magazines!

course, we argue the opposite, saying that smart people do not read the gloss, but continue to look for your zodiac sign in the horoscope, and to try new ways of conquering men's hearts.

When we read that the new posture will change the sexual life, then try to check it out.It is not necessary to stand on our way.It is better to agree and soak experiment, even if the pose is asexual and uncomfortable.After all, we are constantly trying to make itself, and you have the best, and no one can stop us!

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