Higher Professional Education State Standard

Modern higher vocational education in our country is organized in accordance with the Federal Law of "Higher and postgraduate professional education".In accordance with Article 4 of the law structure of the system of higher education is a set of "federal state educational standards of higher education."

In turn , state educational standard of higher professional education is a system of requirements for the state and society in general, the quality of higher education in our country.

This means that ysshee vocational education , obtained in any of the existing institutions of higher education in our country must meet the same criteria.In other words, graduates of various technical colleges must master the same program and confirm the quality of the knowledge the same way.At the same time when testing their knowledge of the requirements for students to be offered the same, regardless of whether they attend university in the capital or in the school, located in the periphery.

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Get higher professional education possible when teaching in higher education: college, university, academy, or the passage of special courses.But acting state educational standard of higher professional education allows you to get a proper education and training externally, in which the study program is carried out independently, and later made passing the qualification examinations in higher education.

Modern higher vocational education has several stages, the first of which "bachelor".This degree in our country indicates the presence of a complete basic higher education and is awarded after passing a certifying commission of qualifying work.The presence of the degree of "Bachelor" allows the holder to occupy positions in which have the right to employ people with higher education or continue their studies in master.The degree of "Bachelor" can only be obtained after graduation.Technical schools, colleges or schools to assign this degree graduates are not eligible.A bachelor's degree is awarded after four years of study.

Qualification "graduate" is assigned to students after completion of special training and protection of the degree project or thesis before a special Certification Commission.The term of study in this case is a period of at least five years.The medical schools at least six years.This qualification is assigned to an engineer, teacher, doctor, etc.

at training in medical schools for qualification of the doctor is a necessary condition for the end of the internship.In accordance with the applicable standards of higher education in the coming years, the qualification of "graduate" will cease to exist.

degree of "Master" is assigned to students after a course of study in the magistracy, are as follows for the Bachelor's degree of higher education, which allows to deepen knowledge on the chosen professional direction.

standards of higher education impose uniform requirements not only to the quality of education, but also to the educational space as a whole.The idea is that at any point in the country's university students should have the opportunity to learn on equal terms, and each institution should periodically confirm their right to engage in the learning process.In this evaluation of higher education must be carried on the same criteria for all higher education institutions in our country