Sports shells: basketball

This sports game like basketball, is known today on all continents of the world, and play it like the way boys and girls.Over time, he not only does not lose its immense popularity, but on the contrary, every year conquers more and more people.Basketball is not just a favorite pastime, but rather a serious hobby, requires not only special sneakers, but also of good quality ball.However, just go to the store and buy the first got the basketball does not work, because each of them has its own characteristics and is intended to play in certain conditions.Before you start playing, you need to find the right basketball shell.

First and foremost when choosing should start from the fact that at the present time basketball has three main varieties.The first type is designed for playing in the hall (indoor), the second - to play on the street (outdoor), and third - universal (indoor / outdoor).Basketball type «indoor» made of synthetic material and leather, has excellent adhesion.In addition, there are also the shells of special microfibre composite coating that promotes excellent girth.In addition, this material is perfectly dampens shocks.However, if you apply a ball on the pavement, his face will wear quickly, and it can not last for a long time.For this reason, this type of projectiles basketball play outdoors is not necessary.

Balls type «outdoor» produced only from synthetic materials.These shells are quite wear-resistant in contact with the asphalt, and have a high adhesion to the surface, which gives an additional opportunity to control the ball.Universal basketball shells are made usually of rubber, which ensures a high abrasion resistance when in contact with any one of the rough surface.So the ball to play well on the asphalt.The shells with an additional coating of the composite or synthetic type is better to use on rubber, wood or smooth surfaces.

If we talk about the size of a basketball, the most commonly in the store are balls the size of number 7, 6, 5 or 3. The shell size is suitable for the seventh game of adult men's teams.The weight of this type of basketball is about half a kilo.Projectile №6 optimal for junior teams and women's teams.Basketball fifth the size is very small and is used as a rule, junior teams, who play for children up to twelve years.Finally, the third type shells are recommended only for children's teams.

addition to all of the above, the choice of basketball it is important to pay particular attention to its resilience and producer.For example, this may be one of the most popular to date, the company Spalding.The absence of blistering right form and quality nipple - here are a few key indicators that suggest that this is a high-quality basketball ball.Spalding, by the way, is just one company that always offers its customers the shells exceptionally high European quality.After playing this ball, anyone will be able to evaluate its usability, resistance to deformation and high functionality.