How to cook zucchini, stewed in sour cream?

starts collecting zucchini and hostess only manage to come up with new dishes of high yielding crops.Sometimes, they are ordinary, and sometimes fantastically delicious.What to cook from the tavern?Yes, anything!This vegetable provides a tremendous opportunity for the imagination and culinary creativity.Courgettes are combined with almost all products.Among them may be prepared not only to the famous caviar, but a huge amount of tasty treats: soup, pancakes, burgers, scrambled eggs with shrimp, zucchini braised in cream, stuffed, fried rings, baked with vegetables - and so on to infinity.In addition, low-calorie vegetable, which means it can be done from dietary meals.

And we will please home and prepare them for the zucchini, stewed in sour cream.What you need to have: a kilo of onions, three tomatoes, three sweet pepper, onion, two carrots, a spoonful of sugar, a cup of sour cream, garlic amateur, salt, sunflower oil for frying.

wash and clean the vegetables.In young skin pubs reserve.Pepper cut into cubes, tomatoes - sliced, onions - rings, carrots, three on a coarse grater, garlic passed through the press.Heat a frying pan with oil, put back the tomatoes and sugar, salt and mix well.Then add the remaining vegetables, cover and put the stew.Meanwhile, squeeze the garlic in cream and stir.Three minutes before the end add the mixture to the pan with the vegetables and cook until ready.

Zucchini, stewed with sour cream, you can eat hot, lukewarm or even cold.These perfect side dish of rice or potatoes.However, many prefer zucchini, stewed in sour cream as a separate dish.

Considered a low-calorie product, and is perfectly combined with other vegetables, can serve as excellent light meal in the summer.If you can not do without meat, then you have to cook meat dishes.For example, this delicious dish as courgettes stuffed, cooked in the oven.

Per kilogram of vegetables require such ingredients: 300 grams of minced meat, 150 grams of tomatoes and sweet peppers, one hundred grams of carrots and onions, 50 grams of cheese and mayonnaise, salt, spices.Squash is best suited medium to the skin was thin.

Cut them into cubes so as tomato (100 g) and pepper.Grate the carrots, onions chop, fry them in vegetable oil.All vegetables combine with minced meat and stir.Segments of about 3-4 cm thick. Cut the zucchini, and the middle with seeds removed.Put them on a baking sheet or in a suitable container.Fill holes zucchini stuffing, spread with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese.Put an hour in the oven and bake at 180 degrees.

's looking for dishes with zucchini photos, stumbled upon a very interesting recipe in haste - just what you need.Take three young zucchini, three large tomatoes, hard cheese hundred grams, a couple of cloves of garlic, salt, black pepper, dried basil, olive oil, parsley, dill.

Tomatoes and zucchini cut into rings centimeter thick, cheese shinkuem thin slices.Take a high pan, we put all of this, alternating.Dried basil mix with olive oil, add salt, pepper, garlic passed through the press and mix.Pour the resulting mixture vegetables and cheese.Put in the oven over medium heat and bake.When the dish is ready, decorate it with fresh herbs.