How to cure breast fibroadenoma

breast fibroadenoma is a benign seal, which consists of a sprawling connective and glandular tissue.Pathology may appear sickly seal that forces women to see a doctor.But most of the pain are absent, and the seal is found only during the ultrasound.Fibroadenoma of the breast are often considered today the most common tumor of the breast.Unlike adenoma it prevails connective tissue stroma.

symptoms of fibroadenomas of the breast can be determined from the characteristic seal in the chest - mobile, tight balls, which has a smooth surface and does not cause pain on palpation.But in any case, the final diagnosis put mammolog after some tests (biopsy, ultrasound).


Because of what is there this pathology is not precisely defined.It is believed that the development of the seal begins on the background of hormonal failure.Basically fibroadenoma of the breast diagnosed in young women between the ages of about 30 years.This tumor is completely safe during pregnancy, it has no effect on the child and the expectant mother, but hormonal changes that occur during this period can lead to an increase in the seal.There are several types of fibroadenoma:

- filloidnaya - the most dangerous form, which is able to develop into cancer, other forms of the disease characterized by the proliferation of the tumor;

- intrakanalikulyarnaya - connective tissue grow in the gaps ducts;

- perikanalikulyarnaya - characterized by an increase of connective tissue around the ducts;

- mixed - can have several attributes.

How to cure breast fibroadenoma

This seal, unfortunately, does not give medical treatments.From the tumor can be removed by surgery alone.There are two types of surgery: the removal of the tumor itself (if there is no cancer symptoms) and, together with a portion of the breast (used in suspected oncology).Requires urgent surgical intervention if:

- planned pregnancy, since the tumor is capable of sprawling block milk ducts, making it impossible to breast-feeding;

- there is a suspicion of oncology;

- tumor size greater than 5 cm;

- a few months formation increased by 2-3 times - in this case there is suspicion of leaf-tumor.

fibroadenoma breast cancer: surgery

treatment lasts for an hour.The patient is then placed in a hospital in which it is depending on the state to stay several days.The stitches are removed after about 7-12 days.Completely eliminate the re-emergence of education is impossible, but the likelihood of recurrence is low.Experts are now increasingly use the removal of fibroadenoma of the breast using a laser.Its essence lies in the fact that the electrodes are connected to the tumor with which low voltage is applied.Fibroadenoma tissue heats up and dies.At the site of the tumor within two months formed connective tissue.