Sabotage: what it is and what it is?

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one of the worst kinds of battle is an attack on the sly, when the opponent does not expect an attack.Unfortunately, this deceptive tactics used more and more in ordinary civilian life, it is called "diversion."What this means is, many may ask?This term has several definitions, but the official interpretation is quite simple and straightforward.

definition of diversion

word "subversion" of Latin origin, the Russian language it is commonly interpreted as a difference or deviation.According to official sources, the diversion is a different type of crime referred to in article 281 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.This criminal act is carried out with the aim of undermining the economic condition of the country and the reduction of its military capabilities.The very notion is quite capacious and includes several varieties.

What are subversive activities?

So, decided to allocate the following diversions:

  • in production (meaning mills, factories, whole complexes);
  • with buildings of economic purpose (the most striking example - bridges, dams, tunnels, etc.);
  • transport links (these include railways, roads, pipelines, subways, etc.) and the means of communication (transport of all types, ranging from cars finishing steamships and planes);
  • facilities designed to ensure the livelihoods of people (warehouses, boiler).

their methods of

possible to classify and process of implementation of sabotage, so you can distinguish the following types:

  • arson;
  • destruction (including by explosion);
  • flooding;
  • organization accidents;
  • sabotage;
  • other methods aimed at the collapse of the economy and the country's military security.

Characteristics of sabotage.It differs from other crimes

There are a number of characteristics of the offense as a diversion.What kind of nuances and what is their main point?First of all, the diversion is always deliberate, man commits it, is conscious of his actions and knows what they can bring.The very reason for the criminal act may be different, but the goal is always the same - to violate the stability in the economy and the military security of the state.In the classification of the crime can find many similarities diversion and other serious offenses.For example, certain similar features is the destruction of another's property and terrorism.Terrorism different from sabotage is essentially exactly the targets.For example, a terrorist act aimed at creating a public danger, threat to life and activity of the civilian population.

Chernobyl - an accident, negligence or sabotage?

Sabotage in our country are frequent.It is not always possible to prevent them, and sometimes reveal.In recent years, a free press can find the version of that terrible accident, 1986 in Chernobyl - a diversion.In fact, there are even several versions, but none of them did not collect enough evidence and was not confirmed by the authorities.For example, assume that the accident could be caused by the actions of a foreign agent or a spy happen through the fault of the traitor-criminal.Supporters of these versions operate on the fact that a nuclear reactor is always carried out verification regime, and all mechanisms work well-functioning and quality.In addition, the recall and the information that the American spy satellite just before the disaster took photographs of one of the reactors.Well, at first glance, these arguments are quite reasonable and believable, but many believe that it was not an accident and not sabotage.What is it then?Maybe criminal negligence.

Many prominent experts of the business from the beginning, in the first days after the accident, stated that the reactors were designed improperly, they have a weak degree of protection, and their staff had no idea of ​​the proper operation and possible actions in emergencymodes.If based on this information, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is more regularity, which was bound to happen sooner or later, not a diversion.A terrible disaster, people deprived of life, shelter, health, the usual structure of everyday life, to spoil the environment not only in the Soviet Union, but also throughout Europe, could occur due to the lack of clear regulations and standards.

Diversions in the Soviet Union

Diversions in Russia - is not rare, they have occurred in the Soviet Union, but not all the information reached ordinary citizens, many of the facts concealed or deliberately distorted.The largest crimes of that era can be attributed an explosion on a gas pipeline "Western Siberia-Ural-Volga region".As a result of criminal actions destroyed not only the state-owned property, the worst is the fact of the death of 645 peaceful people.In total, according to the American press, from 1982 to 1989 on the territory of the Soviet Union there were 4 major sabotage that killed people.The Government of the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation did not accept and was not widely publicized this information.

ordinary man enough to understand the meaning of the term diversion.What is it, we already know, but what to do to not suffer an unequal struggle between criminals and the state?Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.It is hoped the operational work of law enforcement bodies and the perfection of legislative procedures in the field of capture and punishment of offenders.