How to cook burgers minced chicken?

Poultry meat is necessary for a healthy diet.But I do not always want to eat the whole chicken or duck.Now in stores is always available bird stuffing.From it, as from beef, you can cook the cutlets, meatballs, used as a filling for pies and rolls.Such a democratic product for its price is only slightly inferior to their taste qualities of more expensive pork, beef or mixed.How to cook burgers minced chicken knows not everyone.And the question that arises is not only inexperienced housewives, but also at home cooking, leading its cuisine is not the first year.We want to offer you some recipes that diversify your usual everyday menu.At the same time to cook these dishes you will not spend a lot of time.

How to cook cutlets of chicken meat.Classic recipe

To the dish turned out really delicious, we need to understand what kind of stuffing for it must be purchased.The fact that he is different class.We would like to give this advice: purchase a product that is more expensive.That it is made from poultry meat without adding bone meal.Also it is better not to buy frozen, and chilled minced.The first defrosting process will provide a lot of juice.And the burgers are ready to dry.

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So, minced selected, we start to cook.You will need a couple of onions, three cloves of garlic, salt, black pepper, flour, vegetable oil (olive, corn or sunflower).Onions and garlic mince, grind in a blender or finely chop with a knife.Mix salted and peppered meat.More specifically, the well mixed with a spoon.At this point in more detail.The question of how to cook burgers minced chicken (watery consistency it), at this stage and there.That is why it is necessary to mix and knead well, and add to it a tablespoon of flour.Vegetable oil, heat to boiling state.Make a fire under the pan minimal.Spoon dial portion of minced meat and dipped in butter.Flip burgers can have a shovel.Minced meat during cooking thickens.Serve this dish better than warm.The cold is a little harsh.If you still have questions about how to cook delicious cakes of minced meat, read the following recipe.Certainly you will like it more.

How to cook cutlets of chicken meat with the addition of butter

The process is fairly simple and straightforward.The principle of the preparation of this dish is almost indistinguishable from the first recipe.Just injected into the butter and boiled carrots.Due to these ingredients are obtained chops tender.They may even have a cold.

The first two recipes we told how to cook burgers from the finished meat.But you can make it yourself.To do this, buy a breast meat birds and a couple of legs.Other ingredients remain the same.Onion, pepper, salt, egg, mayonnaise, you can add dill and parsley.So, go ahead.

How to cook cutlets of chicken meat, if you did it yourself

Separate poultry meat from the bone legs, cut it with the breast meat into very small pieces.Add them to the chopped onion, herbs, salt and pepper.All the mix.Beat in the egg mixture and put it in a spoonful of mayonnaise.Again mix.Spoon put in a pan with hot oil.Fry over medium heat.Bon Appetit!