How to prolong the sexual act?

Tips for those who suffer from early ejaculation.

First men facing this trouble is recommended to completely overhaul your lifestyle.Perhaps you are wasting your virility on something else.Pay attention to diet and sleep.Do not eat abundant, spicy food, a good idea to learn to relax.Also remember that exercise and load are quite capable to remove your erotism.

The second important factor is the frequency of ejaculation sexual intercourse.Spotted pattern that less than the frequency of sexual acts, the sooner ejaculation.It is not by hearsay felt by geologists, mariners and those men who by reason of his profession very rare with women.

Of course, the longer a man does not come into sexual contact, so it is more difficult to control himself.From this it follows that in order to intercourse suit you, you need to have regular sexual intercourse.

In most cases, this is enough to get a full recovery from the illness arose.Also, doctors recommended the use of special drugs to help men prolong sexual intercourse.The most famous and effective can be confidently attributed

dapoxetine .

surprising that there are a certain number of men who conversely reduce the number of sexual contacts, protecting themselves and thus trying not to disappoint his beloved short intercourse.The result of this behavior will be even greater reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse.

second principle of sexual contact

In that case, when a man is able to hold the second sex, that's great, because in most cases ejaculation occurs only later, and he manages to bring his partner to orgasm.That is why, when you have not seen this output will be the best for both of you.

natural ways to extend intercourse

Most men prolong sexual intercourse, stopping friction for a short time.This course takes place on the existence, since the woman is not experiencing decline of their sexual arousal, erection while the man remains the same.Once the erection begins to subside, it resumes its activities.With this method it is possible to apply as long as the woman does not experience orgasm.

not be amiss to information and that prolong sexual intercourse, by eliminating premature ejaculation, and can be with the help of a partner.It may, at the first signal of "finishing" your body to clamp his finger.Location pressing is where the fusion is a bridle with the head of the penis.This press interrupts the excitement that accordingly allows to delay the ejaculation.Repeat is not forbidden, but according to this because of this you are quite capable to reach orgasm together.Those men who have an increased irritability, and in addition to that faced with such a nuisance as the before ejaculation can use condoms or special tools, prolonging sexual intercourse.

Specialized tools allow you to get rid of premature ejaculation quickly and with proper treatment can get rid of it forever.One of these tools we mentioned above, but there are other that are equally effective, but more accessible, tadasip example.

Through the use of condoms among men decreased sensitivity of the head itself, which consequently helps him better control.The same effect is easily achieved in the case of the use of special lubricants anesthetic.Their use natural feel is retained in full, however, the duration of intercourse increases in times!

no secret that a drunken man is capable of a prolonged sexual intercourse, it is of course possible to use, but be still cautious and remember that having sex with a drunken man for a woman enjoy a little sweet, but a little wine for a woman to help her ease tensions andincrease its excitability.

Caution Unwanted pregnancy, misbehavior all possible outcomes busting alcohol.The most frightening is the fact that there is an increased risk of birth of children with defects, birth which was made in a state of intoxication.

Many men, in order to prolong the sexual act and bring a woman pleasure mute excitement through deep introduction of the penis into the vagina, but making short jerks.

This method is explained by head of the penis will be in the place where it will be affected by the minimum number of stimuli, but a woman is exciting due to the fact, that is where the most sensitive area of ​​her.