How to cook mushroom salad

Every housewife wants to please its guests home with some delicious and unusual dishes.Whether it's a holiday or a family meal, you always want to surprise supply and taste cooked meal.But, as often happens, all the time may not be enough, and then the women are looking for a simple in execution, but delicious meals.One of these is the mushroom salad.

There are many different recipes telling how to cook mushroom salad.The main ingredient in them, of course, are the fungi.Use roasted mushrooms, pickled, dried, and mushrooms, steamed.Ideas housewives simply no boundaries!The mushroom salad add wine, sauces and many other things that at first glance did not combined, but in the end it turns out very tasty and interesting.Mushroom salad since ancient times, been an integral part of the feast.Ordinary marinated mushrooms with onion, carrots and spices is always current, but sometimes you want something new, but no less delicious.

Mushroom salad can be not only a snack, but also act as a main dish and delivered to each in a separate bowl.For example, a layered salad with mushrooms.For its preparation will need ham, cheese, mushrooms (mushrooms), boiled potatoes and eggs, nuts (walnuts or peanuts, to taste), mayonnaise.

good first step is to fry the mushrooms until golden brown and then let them cool.Ham cut into cubes or strips.Similarly, chop eggs and potatoes, cheese Grate.Further, each product is laid out in a dish in layers.Top layers of grease with mayonnaise.First laid out the potatoes, then mixed ham and cheese, then egg.After that, pour the salad with mayonnaise and spread on top of the nuts.For decoration you can use lettuce or other greens.

Another wonderful decoration table will be a salad "Mushroom basket."It is usually prepared for the holiday, as the cooking will take time.But rest assured, the result is worth it.Products that will be required for the preparation of "a basket Mushroom": potatoes, pork, cucumbers (preserved), Korean carrots, cheese, onions (onions), marinated mushrooms, herbs and mayonnaise for refueling.

To start puts marinated mushrooms in the dish, it is important that they lay down their hats.Top laid onion, which had previously been possible to marinate.Potatoes need to boil with the peel and then peel and grate on large grater, and then put on the onion and pour a small amount of mayonnaise.Boiled pork cut into cubes, spread as the next layer and then pour the mayonnaise.Later placed chopped cucumber.Then again, spread the potatoes and onions, pour mayonnaise.Next - carrots and grated cheese on top of it again mayonnaise.Salad "Mushroom basket" put in the refrigerator for about a day to ensure that it is well soaked.After the desired time to get it out of the refrigerator and gently turn over on a platter.All the salad is ready.Bon Appetit!