Summary Belkin "The Shot" Pushkin AS

Summary Belkin "The Shot" brings the reader into a small town, which is housed in an army regiment.Life officers held by the established order, boredom dissipated only meeting with Silvio.The man for all local residents are solid mystery, no one knew where he went, who was once what his income.Silvio was taciturn, had a sharp temper, a sharp tongue, but always lay the table officers and the champagne flowed freely from him.For such hospitality military forgave him everything.

strange behavior Silvio

Despite the closure of the men, all officers were aware of his art in the shooting.Silvio talked about fights reluctantly, and questions about whether he ever fight, replied that the argument, but the details are not told.Military decided that the conscience of their acquaintance is some innocent victim, but did not dare ask.Summary Belkin "The Shot" brings the reader into the evening, when Silvio usual gathered officers.They played cards and the host asked prometat Bank.

Among the guests was a newcomer who did not know about the habits of men.When the young officer told Silvio that he made a mistake, the owner continued stubbornly silent.The tipsy young man in a rage ran head man candlestick.Everyone thought that the match can not be avoided, but Silvio only asked the offender to get out of his house.First, the incident was extensively discussed, but soon forgotten, and only the officer sympathized Taciturn, could not come to terms with the fact that his friend is not washed away the insults.

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Personal secret Silvio

Summary Belkin "The Shot" tells the story of one day in the regimental office Silvio packet arrives, the contents of which he excited.The man set the table and invited all the officers for a farewell dinner, announcing his departure.When the guests left, the host revealed his secret to the young man, whom most befriended.It turns out that Silvio had served in the Hussars, which enjoyed his primacy.But one day, to have identified a young man from a noble and rich family.The officer was lucky in everything, he initially wanted to make friends with Silvio, but not having succeeded in this, not very upset.

Protagonists Belkin "Shot" has a sharp temper, once the ball rivals squabbled, and Silvio got on his enemy in the face.In a duel abuser came with his cap full of cherries.The right of the first shot was an officer, but he only shot headdress Silvio.He himself stood calmly at gunpoint and spitting seeds from sweet cherries.

Summary Belkin "The Shot" says Silvio refused to shoot the enemy furious indifference, to which he replied that the shot is up to him, and he could at any time to use it.And a man discovers that his old enemy was going to marry.He wants to use his shot to see if it is indifferent to look down the barrel of his gun offenders.


So familiar officer resigns and goes to live in a poor village, where he ends Belkin.Synopsis "The Shot" says the man became friends with the Countess and Count, which were very nice people.Attention retired officer draws a picture, pierced by two bullets in one place.During the conversation, he realized that the young Count and his abuser is a longtime friend of Silvio.It turns out, he found his enemy, when he spent with his young wife honeymoon.Silvio recalled its shots, but offered again to draw lots.

first shot count, but he was so nervous and in a hurry, it missed and hit the picture.On the shot ran the countess, her husband began to calm down, it's just a game, but Silvio ordered to shoot faster, but he refused, saying that he saw what he wanted - the confusion and fear of the abuser.Even leaving, he turned and, without aiming, shot into the picture, hitting the exact place shot-count.