Guessing "crown" of love - heart clarify things ...

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history of this beautiful fortune-telling begins with the legend of the friendship between the two goddesses.Aphrodite was the symbol of love, beauty and passion, and Thetis - the mistress of the seabed and the guardian of underwater treasure.When Peleus, a mortal, overcame all obstacles, and was able to marry Thetis, the wedding had to be present all the Olympian gods.Aphrodite asked her husband - a blacksmith Hephaestus - make young bride a special gift - a decoration of rare beauty and endowed with amazing power.God blacksmith forged a gift from under the layer of ocean water in which slipped through the water and bright sun rays and silver star thread.The sky itself helped make the crown of Hephaestus, who personified the power of love, passion and affection.At times it seemed that thousands of stars themselves have tried to get into the hands of Hephaestus - in order to disintegrate under the hammer blow and become a million shimmering pearls.It was filled with an inner light and warmth of the eight most beautiful roses that ties them together powerful and immortal love.All the colors of nature transformed in the hands of Hephaestus and turned into a magnificent crown - a gift of the gods.

long time this decoration was crowned the head of the goddess Thetis and the radiance of love granted to young couples.When the time came Thetis to return home to his father Nereyu, the crown remained with her.However, people do not forget the magnificent divine creation, and composed about the crown and legends.

Since then went to the custom of decorating the bride's head crown.It does not matter whether it was made of gold, or delicate flowers.This decoration symbolizes the beauty, tenderness and love of the bride, as well as the birth of a new life.

Crown has always helped to find love and understand each other.After all, the light of human relations such as rare and wonderful as a gift of the gods.Love - this is what causes people to seek each other, overcoming obstacles.This sense of wonder, inspires and inspires feats.Love can help determine heart, choose the right path and to achieve recognition of the feelings, as once a mere mortal Peleus achieved reciprocity from the immortal goddess Thetis.

Any tradition eventually becomes cluttered and symbolic rituals.These signs and actions uninitiated person to understand difficult.So it's decoration, once adorned the head of the immortal, has been the subject of divination in the most gentle and essential of all human emotions.Guessing Crown of Love was an amazing revelation that left the goddess of the human race.

Widespread Internet made it simple and accessible, even a mystical ritual as a prediction.In 2005, on the sites of the World Wide Web emerged and divination Crown love.Typing the word "Crown of Love" in any search engine, anyone can quickly and truthfully know about his future.You just need to submit a lover and click on the crown, which will respond to the most important question.

This ritual does not speak of fame, money and success.But he detailed answers to questions relating to the affairs and cordial personal relations.Guessing the crown of love is for all people whose heart is open to the magical feeling.Amazing character certainly help clarify the feelings of a lover and uncover the deepest corners of his soul.

If you prefer to believe in the predictions of the stars, horoscope Numerology crown surprise you with its revelations and predict the near future.It can also be found on the Internet, you just indicate the year and the time of birth on an online predictions.

Do not always think and to doubt his choice - Divination Crown simply and clearly define its true attitude.For there is a sense of eternal youth and old age, wealth and poverty, success and failure.Before love are all equal, and divination love Crown chooses not lucky.Think about his beloved, his personal qualities and your relationships.If you want the truth - you try guessing crown of love, touch the magic crown, deep in thought about my dear man.And in response to this magical ritual he tells about his true feelings to you and your future life together.