Leadership in the light of one of the theories

From elite athletes do not always make the best coaches.And the best violinist in the orchestra may not necessarily be a good conductor.Not interesting from every teacher can get a great head teacher.So it is necessary to distinguish very well the ability to act and the ability to effectively lead the good actions of others.However, sensible leaders are obtained from the good performers, but not all performers can be high-level leaders.How can I see a promising officer?

Leadership - the ability and skills to organize the solution of problems through team.There are some personality traits that a skilled specialist personnel may identify in the course of analysis, and there are obvious.

worth paying attention to leadership positions, people who worked before.They may not be associated with the current activity.For example, considered a candidate was the captain of the football team or the yard chairman of the committee of residents.Such a person should take a look and try to apply these properties of nature in action.

Leadership as pronounced as the ability to "create the future" for the other.Yes, I mean the same "fire in his eyes" that love to talk some employers.People have this quality makes the future an attractive, bright and interesting.So that his subordinates were too addicted and willing to do much more put on the job description.

also leadership qualities as mandatory include the ability to feel the challenges in the external environment and the desire to respond to these challenges.That is, people understand that to achieve the goal is not easy, but it did not stop, but rather whet.Therefore, the leader must be sufficiently high self-esteem.

It is very important for a potential leader of the ability to think and criticize constructively.Therefore, if the employee criticizes the workflow, it is asked to make suggestions for improvement.If you can clearly and distinctly present sensible solution, it is possible future leader, if not - the usual kicker.

Leadership necessarily also include worldly practicality.People with the brightest ideas often can not become leaders.They want the next person who says, "It will work, it is - no."And while the leader has to be a generator of ideas, and it (constructive) critic.So the leader requires some earthiness, although there should be a passion, as we have already mentioned above.

Yes, more responsibility.Many would like to have a salary leader, but not everyone wants to worry as much as the leader.Often the chief can not get away from work and forget about it, it's - the prerogative of the artist, who put in a box, laid in that he can safely leave the battlefield.

Factor stage.That is a potential leader does not give himself and others to stop the activity, not doing the job.Such a person does not give in to the entreaties and focused to finish the job, come what may.If you see the work of such quality, the officer - a very good leader.

still needed and emotional endurance.Leaders are always alone among workers.They can not reduce the distance and truly trust.Those who violate this rule, quickly lose its leading position.Therefore, claiming the role of leader must buy a certain snobbery (invisible) and get used to the fact that subordinates can never be really close friends, and therefore should not even hope for such a situation.

The above - just one of the concepts, theories of leadership qualities.There are others, such as the great man theory, which says that the leader comes, when it comes to poverty.Theories there are at least six, but set out to be the most reasoned.