What to do in the winter on the street, at home or in the countryside?

With the arrival of winter in the mood and life changes a lot.Thus, in this period of time is celebrated many special occasions.If you do not know what to do in the winter, then this article is designed for you.You learn a lot of new ideas.Also, find out what to do in the winter with children or friends.

winter season: the general characteristics of the period

Surely everyone knows that the classic winter lasts three months.This includes December, January and February.However, in some regions of the country the cold season lasts a little longer, or less.So, in the Urals, the winter can begin in October and end only in April.In the Kuban the winter can not last more than one month.

Depending on which region you live entertainment can be different.Kuban, chances are you will not be able to povolyatsya in large drifts of snow.And in the Urals will be very hard to skate on the ice cover the ground.

What winter?

Prev while you figure out what to do in the winter, it is necessary to say a few words about this time of year.Winter - it's cold, sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice and cheerful mood.It was during this time period nature greatly modified.Lakes and other water bodies are covered with a thick layer of ice formed from snow drifts large, beautiful trees covered with a white blanket.

Things to do in the winter?

There are plenty of options to choose from in many ways.This should definitely take into account your financial possibilities, the amount of free time and the presence of children.Consider the most popular options, what to do in the winter (on vacation).

Embark on a journey

If you do not like winter, the cold and snow, the best option for you will be a trip to a warmer climate.Things to do on vacation in the winter?Relaxation time of most of two weeks.It falls on the January holidays.Think in advance their wishes.You can visit the warm countries, where there is no winter, with children or friends.You can also go on a romantic trip.

The event you will remember for years to come.In its cold country you will come back relaxed and refreshed.It is possible that you will have a nice tan.It is worth remembering that such an option, something to do on a vacation in the winter, suitable only to adult people with sufficient income.This trip will cost you tens of thousands of rubles.

Home affairs

Winter activities at home?If you do not plan to leave your own home all the holidays, you should come up with a useful occupation.Perhaps you have been dreaming about a new repair or permutation?It's time to realize all our plans into practice.

attracted such physical labor all home.If you live alone, you should ask for help from friends.You usefully spend time and be able to communicate.

Do not forget that the winter break is still set for the rest.Do not overreach.Try to do all the work in the best of their ability.Remember that the output will soon be over, and begin again the everyday work.

Go visit

What to do on weekends in the winter?Of course, to go for a visit.Visit their relatives.You might want to see distant relatives.Thus, you get a little trip.Be sure to make sure that people are waiting for you and happy about this visit.Otherwise, you can easily end up in an awkward situation.

You can also go to visit their good friends or acquaintances.Be sure to stock up on small gifts and souvenirs.You may want to prepare for a meal with her own hands.This is another version of what to do in the winter, when it's bad weather.


If you have a heavy and hard work, the holidays and winter vacation is to relax as much as possible.Forget about everything and problems.This is the perfect time to relax.

good way to relax is yoga.Turn slow relaxing music, close your eyes and take a certain posture.At this point, your head should not be any important thoughts.Try to relax as much as possible.

Most people in Russia prefer to spend their winter holidays on the couch watching TV.Perhaps this is the perfect option for you.However, remember that passive recreation does not allow to burn extra calories.Within two weeks of vacation, you can add a few kilos.

What to do outdoors in the winter?

If you become bored at home, then go out into the street.At the same time, remember that the weather should be appropriate.In heavy snow, blowing snow or rain is still to stay at home.What to do outdoors in the winter?There are lots of options useful pastime.Consider the most popular ones.

sculpt snow

If you have small children, they are likely to enjoy a similar idea.In contrast to the ideas that tell us what to do in the winter at home, these options are very useful for health.Active Life always brings a new batch of strength and energy.

play snowballs.To do this, you have to build a barricade and lumps of snow to stick.They will secure weapons that bring joy to your children.Another option is making a snowman or Snow White.If you wish, you can show imagination and create a snow cartoon characters and different characters.After this class, you can relax a bit and could move dance.


If you have a nearby ski lodge, then you are lucky enough.Go with friends or family on a ski trip.It is worth noting that such a vacation can be very active.In this case, you will need to ride a roller coaster and overcome the top.Alternatively, you may prefer a slow walk.In this case, skiing will be more secure and slow.

Some people do prefer to buy their own equipment and their own engage in such activities.


Winter activities in the country?You can build your own ice skating rink.For this you need a lot of water, which can be obtained from the hose.Ice pad several layers of ice.Remember that the surface should be as straight as possible.Otherwise, nothing good happens.

You can also use the nearest body of water.Go there and bring your skates.However, remember that such entertainment to be safe.Always consider the thickness of the ice and temperature conditions.

riding a roller coaster

Another version of what to do in the winter in the village.Ride to the snowy mountains.You can build yourself a mound and make use of natural resources.Be sure to grab a sled or a special tool for skiing.

Some people manage to ride a machine with a rubber mat or packages.It should be noted that it may be unsafe.If you have kids, they will appreciate such a holiday.

Prepare for the holiday

Things to do in the winter at home or in the countryside?If on the nose the New Year holidays, you should start preparing.

in a private home, you can dress up a Christmas tree, which grows in the yard.Hang her garlands, lights and tinsel.From toys in this case it is better to refuse.Otherwise, they may be damaged.

You can also decorate the tree in his own apartment.This method of decoration of tree can be absolutely diverse.At the same time you can decorate your home.Hang around the house balls, tinsel and garland.

Prepare a festive menu.Think carefully about what you will be cooking.Always on the table should be a hot meal.Consider the wishes of all family members.In this festival all have to stay happy.Also it is necessary to take care of alcoholic beverages.Champagne should be cool and fresh.

What to do in the winter season after the holidays?

When New Year's celebrations are over, you will find the rhythm of life.In order to enter it with every comfort, it is worth a few days to prepare for the beginning of the workweek.

After celebrating celebration clean the room of debris.Arrange everything in its place.Wash the dishes and clean the cabinet.By the beginning of the working week your refrigerator will be already released on the festive dishes.If, however, there remains something else, you should get rid of spoiled food.

Before starting work, people should spend fasting days.This is especially true for those who are engaged in passive leisure holidays.Carefully rest before starting work.

Summary and brief conclusion

Now you know what to do in the winter, being at home, in the country or elsewhere.Always think over in advance and plan your vacation.Only in this way you will not have the question arises, what to do in the winter for the holidays.

Talk with your loved ones, perhaps they have any plans or wishes.Make plans for a winter vacation together.Good luck to you winter and happy holidays!