How to choose flowers for the reception?

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Any nice and cozy room has the ability to inspire a person.A better natural decoration - a room flowers.They bring into the house a sense of peace and tranquility, soothe irritation and fatigue.

as a harmonious place flowers

rare man holds in his apartment at least one flower in a pot.But experienced growers who know a lot about the beauty and usefulness of the plants have at home a few tens to hundreds of green pets.However, in small apartments can be a problem with the placement of such a large number of colors.If large items harmonious look on the floor, the conglomeration of small pots on window sills does not look very aesthetically pleasing.Moreover, not all plants thus obtained a sufficient amount of light, shading each other.This can lead to various diseases and even deaths of colors.An excellent option to exit from this situation is a stand of colors.It will not only free up additional space, but will properly place potted plants in pots so that all the plants received the same dose of heat and light.Also stand for flowers on the windowsill is useful to those who want to place their green pets in sight.It can be advantageous to arrange all the plants so that they can not hide behind the curtains, and was in sight.To create focus, use bright colors for the rack.They form a beautiful song, drawing a look and leave a good impression.With bright-colored wallpaper is recommended to choose the green flowers for the reception.

What flowers are placed on racks

To create green pets favorable conditions for growth and flowering, it is necessary to place them in such a way that light falls evenly on all plants.If you have a special stand on its lower tier placed large specimens.Closer to the top of the plant is recommended to put small, such as Chlorophytum, asparagus, Syngonium.Finally, at the very top you can put violets, gloxinia.

What can be placed on shelves

If you have wide window sills can be made or purchased at the store in the form of a special rack shelving units.Flavor should be across the width of the window sill.On the shelves are placed room chrysanthemum, gerbera, gloxinia.Flowers for selected medium-sized racks.The height must be calculated so that all the plants received the necessary portion of light and shade each other.

Rack-mounting brackets

For those who dream of a rich collection of violets, evenly spaced across the windowsill, there are special brackets L-shaped.These brackets are attached directly to the window frame or the slopes.Shelves for such racks are made of glass.The thickness of the glass shelf has to be at least five millimeters.

rack with your hands

Each variant stands for flowers, there are both pluses and minuses.When placing plants in brackets need to drill holes in slopes and frames.Also, if the rack shelves are made of glass, have to take into account the significant weight of this design before fixing.And the shelves having a plurality of floors to flowers, increased demands strength.In winter, the flowers placed on a windowsill, exposed to the cold due to the windings and drafts.And in the summer colors such as violets, you must pritenenie from direct sunlight.

All these problems are solved in one way: the production of a rack having artificial lighting, with their own hands.In this case, the rack can be completely different shape.The material is suitable old wardrobe, bedside table, fitted with lights.If you have imagination, you can make your own hands shelf on individual taste, perfectly fit it into the interior of the room.

The convenient shelves with extra illumination

In winter it is recommended dosvechivat any colors special lamps.Flowers for the reception should be selected, guided by their need for coverage: the most light-loving placed at the top and bottom of a shade-tolerant.If you have a rack equipped with additional illumination, the plant must be placed in such a way that they do not shade each other.Dosvechivat flowers should be tailored to their needs daylight hours from 12 to 14 hours.Artificial lighting is switched on for the whole day or in the evening to increase the length of daylight hours to 12 hours.Very convenient in this case, special timers to turn on and turn-off, which are purchased in special shops.

Thus, if the desire to revitalize, to green interior, accompanied by lack of space, it should be purchased or made rack for plants.In the summer, stand helps place the flowers so that each flower in the pot was needed dose of warmth and attention.And in the winter, can be equipped with an additional rack illumination to increase the duration of daylight.