Guessing on spoons and bamboo sticks

At all times, people interested in their fate, and resorted to all sorts of methods of divination.The best time for divination since ancient times were considered yuletide.Little has changed in our days.At Christmas and the Christmas evening many are still trying to lift the veil of the future.It is believed that at this time the representatives of subtle worlds are particularly open and accessible, and more willing to go on contact.The legacy of the ancestors we got many ways to predictions, to which you can resort on their own, one of which is considered to be guessing on spoons and bamboo sticks.Interesting simple divination yuletide and not just using cutlery.These rituals provide answers to urgent questions and have a great time with friends or family.Let's look at some popular ancient divination.

Divination using wooden spoons

By this method, predictions resorted to learn the fate of each member of the family or the company of friends gathered in the coming year.This divination spoons spend necessarily at midnight.Beforehand, early in the morning, you need to dial the pure snow to the evening he could melt.Snow in gaining a bucket or in a wooden barrel volume.In addition, you will need wooden spoons, their number should be equal to the number of participants of divination.Participants must pre-mark the spoon that during divination everyone could distinguish his.

At midnight, the capacity to bring melt water into the room and lowered into her wooden spoon.Then someone from the company asks a question that relates to all the participants.For example: "Who is the first to move to another city?" Or "What is the first of the girls to marry?".Then bucket shaken vigorously while carefully watching those whose first touch the spoon to one of the walls of the container.After each new issue bucket again shaken.Thus, divination spoons allows to predict the fate of each of the participants for the next year.

Guessing with a tablespoon

This simple way to get the predictions carried out not only at Christmastime, it allows you to learn about the events of the near future, for example, the next day.Guessing on spoons usually carried out in the family.After dinner, the whole family gathers at the table on a large round platter spread all spoons.Previously, each family member should mark their tablespoon.At night, the dish is removed from the table and leave it in some secret place.In the morning is considered as a spoon lying on a plate.Togo, whose spoon upside down, expects a tough day, someone whose spoon rests squarely, expect trouble.And finally, divination spoons predicts a good day to a family member, whose cutlery left in the same position.

Guessing on bamboo sticks

According to popular opinion in Japan, bamboo has a special magical power, which protects people from evil spirits and sometimes helps to answer his concerns.Guessing on bamboo sticks allows to predict events of the distant future.In the old days for divination Mosuko dzey Japan used conventional sticks eaten.For the ritual took four sticks.On one side of each drawing on two points on the opposite side - one.In addition, using a handkerchief of any color, size 40 to 40 cm. Sticks few minutes were holding that they have absorbed the energy of the questioner.At this time, make a wish or asking a specific question.Then randomly throwing sticks on a handkerchief four times.Each time the number of recorded pixels, which separated, and combinations thereof.Once, in a specific pattern interpret the results.

This method of divination not only provides fairly accurate predictions of events, but also the necessary advice.Fortunately, these days do not necessarily look for the bamboo sticks for ritual and understand the scheme of interpretation.Get fast and accurate prediction is possible and using online guessing on bamboo sticks.