Guessing on the month - it will predict the new cycle

One unusual female rites of divination is monthly.This prediction will help to determine the events that appear in the coming months.For this it is necessary to remember the day when menstrual cycle begins.This date will determine the future before the start of the next cycle.

If the first day fell on Monday, the divination by month cycle promises to purchase or gift.However, the next month is to be expected and the profit and loss.During this period without too much difficulty will be made long-awaited purchase of which has long been dreaming of.General events of the month will be favorable.You must listen to your instincts, as there is the possibility of buying a completely useless thing can impose indecent people.In addition, you can get an unexpected gift, it is possible and necessary to make the woman herself to someone important surprise.In such a situation should not think twice.It will be the first steps towards the well-being and success.

If the beginning of the cycle fell on Tuesday, the day of the beginning of divination monthly predicts what lies ahead is expected month of love.As a result of successfully emerging new circumstances may arise or become stronger existing love relationship.In the near future there will be a truce with the other, which occurred earlier quarrel.Most likely, this person himself fit, and will have it only to understand and forgive.During this period, the favorable ratio can be improved.If there is a man with whom I would like to leave, there are doubts about his sincerity, just comes a time.There is a high probability that there will acquaintance with wonderful man who will help to get rid of stress and depression arising from the last separation.If

month coincided with the environment, it is an indicator of an unsuccessful period.There are sad events, illness someone from friends.It increases the probability of the burst of aggression or anger on someone.It is best at this time to do close health and how to relax, and any illnesses will be gone forever.

Guessing on monthly predicts that if the cycle began on Thursday, then we should expect the unexpected and joyful news.Implement profitable business relationship, and there will be information on how to improve the material well-being.The surprise may be the appearance from relatives or friends offspring.Spiritual and physical ailments should go.At this time, it is best suitable for knowledge of the mystery with the help of the occult sciences.

Friday says that there may be obstacles that will bring trouble.Guessing on the month predicts that if in the near future has dropped a number of important cases, you should put them on the other perod.Wit and intuition help overcome minor difficulties.This month will not go away friends, they can be safely rely.We should expect trouble on the way, when receiving money as possible disease.

Saturday harbinger of the future of love and business meetings, as well as the probability of first pregnancy.Guessing on the month says that if at this time to begin the meeting with a loved one, you will be prompted about his true feelings.All business activities will benefit greatly, and meetings with undesirable people should be abandoned.

Sunday Afternoon predicts cheerful company.Next month will be marked by joyful and useful meetings with friends, relatives, acquaintances, or those who have not seen.At this time, we can expect a special manifestation of jealousy lover.If you want to go to a party, you should choose low-key, calm decoration that will make useful friends and new acquaintances.