How to make a few photos in one, using a home computer?

Collage - it's an interesting idea to design photos and other images.Modern technologies allow yourself to make such a beauty to those who are not well versed in the complex computer programs.The finished work can be printed and are proud to be inserted into a frame or to publish in a social network.Collages can be used for printing on different surfaces (the production of souvenirs), or as a greeting card.You do not know how to make a few photos in one?Then this guide is for you.

Select image

Decide in advance what you need collage.If you plan to print your job, you need to create a file of appropriate size, maintaining the quality and clarity of each image.Simply create collages "for himself" or posting on websites.The total size of the picture may be small.Focus on how it looks on your monitor.For work, we need a computer, editing software installed on it, and images.

few photos in one look better when they are picked up by some sense.Using collage, you can demonstrate how increased a plant or changed in the intervening years a person.You can follow and the principle of association: Compatible photo cup of coffee, a landscape outside the window, and his breakfast you may well characterize own morning.Creative imagination, Choose the desired pictures.Photos must be clear and beautiful.

create a composition

How to place individual images relative to each other, up to you.They may be the same size and arranged in a row.Or overlap.It can be a part of the image is vertically or horizontally relative to the sheet, and the other - with a certain slope.For creative pictures sometimes permissible and placement of the elements of the "upside down" relative to the other.If specific ideas and wishes you have not, do not be afraid - the inspiration comes during operation.And now is the time to learn how to make a few photos in the same hands.

Collage in Photoshop

"Photoshop" - a graphical editor, whose name has long been synonymous.Open the program and create a new file (background) of the desired size.If the photos will close it completely, you can leave it transparent.The alternative - non-ferrous casting (corresponding menu action).In the background can be used for a picture, as long as it came to size.

Thereafter separately open the desired photo files.Cropped and edit them to your liking.When each image is ready, I go to the window with one of them.Select the image on the perimeter, select the function "cut".Go to the window with the background, select the menu action "insert".After that, the image will appear in the window on top of the background.If desired, it can be expanded to move, enlarge or reduce it.So do all the other images.When our collage of several photos ready, we save the result and enjoy their work.

Collage Editor Photoscape

"Photoshop" people prefer to use, at least as a great interest in the creation and processing of images.Beginners will need some time to get used to the program and learn how to perform even simple actions.For this reason, many tend to choose limited in functionality editor with simple interface.A good example of this category of software - Photoscape.How to make a few photos in one in the editor?From the main menu select the function "combination".Next, define a variant of placing images - the program will offer ready-made templates.After this, you will only add the desired pictures and place them to your liking.

How to make a few photos in one without a special software?

What if collage urgently needed, and the ability to download and install the appropriate editing is not?In this case, you can use one of the online photo processing services.There are now even special software for smartphones, allowing you to process images and make collages.For smart phones have the most advanced and convenient clients that support the work of social network Instagram.

online service allows you to process images in a network and save to your computer, a great many.The operating principle we all have one.To create a photo from multiple photos, you need to upload the source files, then combine them into one of the proposed templates.Advantages of Internet services are obvious: the menu, they have a very simple and clear, no need to install software on your computer.Of course, in terms of functionality, none of these resources can not be compared with the program Photoshop.But to create a collage at any one of them has everything you need.