How best to spend on a piece of divination

To make guessing on a piece of paper, you will need paper strips of equal size, which are recorded troubling questions.The leaves are placed in a wide bowl or cup that is filled to the brim with water.Recorded questions begin to swirl and rise to the surface.There were first, and will have a positive solution, which operates throughout the day.

Guessing on a sheet in this way has some difficulties.Firstly, large pieces of paper will stick together, so better to take smaller, recording them only accommodation issues.Themselves desire necessary to prepare a separate list.The numbers should be written on pieces of a pencil because the ink will flow.

second difficulty lies in guessing that leaves emerge very quickly, and sometimes difficult to understand which of them got up first.It is also possible to block the other one.To avoid this, use the paper worse: writing low-grade or low-cost album for drawing.

before filling the bowl is necessary to separate the sheets, so they do not stick together.Whe

n the water is poured from the tap or a jug, a whirlpool appeared begin to raise the paper, and they will float on the surface.Vernon is the one that will take a strictly horizontal position.

Like other rituals, divination leaflet reflects a certain reality.Therefore, asking questions, it is necessary to distinguish between real and desired dreams and opportunities, and pending the outcome should not be combined unrealizable desires something possible.That is, the question should be close to life.

Some people use numerology to predict on a piece related to lotteries or betting, for example, to guess who will win the Cup, or which horse will come first in the race.Thus, pre-compose the list of teams, athletes and horses and giving numbers corresponding bits of paper, you can try to determine who will be the first.

By the way, this method is suitable and to find out who will be the second and so on.These data must be interpreted merely as tips, not as accurate predictions.Some competitions or races from certain participants chances are negligible since the beginning, and they do not expect.And, if one of the papers relating to such participant, show the first, then the event will only indicate that his performance will be better this time than last.

Experienced forecasters say that the rite should be taken thirteen stripes, otherwise guessing on a piece of paper will not have power.However, according to these rules can be made for prediction of events in which less thirteen elements.To comply with the rules you want to add the required number of pacifiers to the total number corresponded to 13. However, if the first leaf will seem empty, the result is simply uncertain.

The same applies to personal matters.Establish a list of the items which have a greater or lesser extent to give the desired result, and added an empty piece of paper for the thirteen pieces.However, this is done only if there is a strong belief that different guessing fail.

Floating leaves can also be used to determine which of the questions can give a result or a positive response.However, their meaning should not go beyond reasonable limits, and if there is doubt, it is necessary to offer two questions with the opposite meaning.For example: "Will I get paid tomorrow?" And "linger there tomorrow salary?".Leaf, the first, takes a positive value.

There are other rituals associated with the use of paper, such as fortune-telling on a piece of love, for the shadows of the flames of a burning paper, etc.