How to make cottage cheese passover on holiday

Often housewives, in addition to traditional treats, holidays decorate the Easter table cheese.It can be nepechenoy, and liver.In this article we consider both options such goodies.

How to make cottage cheese passover

To do this, the main symbol of the light of the Resurrection requires a special form - a truncated cone.However, if one is not at hand, you can use a regular colander.So, step by step acquainted how to cook Easter cottage cheese.

First of all it is necessary to grind a pound of fat cottage cheese with the help of screen (you can use a meat grinder or blender, but the first option is preferable).Then, 200 grams of butter should melt a little bit until soft and mix with cottage cheese.Further, half a cup of sugar whipped three eggs and vanilla until the foam, add a glass of cream, and the whole thoroughly mixed.Then she put the dishes in the refractory at the fire, brought to a boil and boil a few minutes until soft creamy.

While the mixture cools, washed raisins and candied fruit.Th

e first ingredient is filled with boiling water and a little steams, the second is only necessary to cut into convenient pieces.When all is ready, cottage cheese, cream, eggs and fruit laid out and connected to pasochnitsu where pre-laid wet gauze in several layers.Top Form is covered with gauze and put pressure (it can be put on the saucer).Also, do not forget to put the structure in a bowl or plate to collect serum.After 12 hours in a cool place cottage cheese is taken out and decorated Easter.How to cook?It turned out easy.

Bake cake

There are proven recipes for which treats languishing in the oven, the so-called cottage cheese baked Easter.Half a kilo of fat cottage cheese must be put under the press for the night, and then rubbed through a metal sieve.Then pour boiling water 50 grams of raisins, half an hour to drain the water and dry dried fruits.The following mix raisins with a glass of starch and put in grated mass.

How to cook Easter cottage cheese and delicious fragrant?This was more in the recipe.Putting temporarily cottage cheese mixture aside, separate the yolks from the whites had 6 eggs and the first ingredient is mixed with Article 5.spoons of sugar.Received add to the basic dough.Proteins also need a mixer to whip up the steep peaks, gradually podsypaya sugar.The mixture is then also connected to the curd, optionally used flavoring such as vanillin.

baking dish must be lubricated with oil, sprinkle with semolina dough and put it back.Easter baked at 180 degrees for about an hour.However, it depends on the size shape and number of curd therein.By the way, the appearance of Easter can be any.If there is no special conical shape, used tanks for cakes (you can even silicone), and the letters XB laid almonds or drawn sweet chocolate.


Smart appearance treats, of course, to complement any meal, but the most important thing - that it was prepared with love.We hope that the proposed method will help everyone to find an answer to the question of how to make cottage cheese passover.