Guessing on a dream - Fact or Fiction?

look into the future we can during sleep.So we thought our ancestors, many modern people also believe that sleep is certainly means something.The statement is very interesting, but very controversial.Suffice it to recall their own dreams, or rather, their subjects.If before going to bed watching a horror movie - nightmare for you is not uncommon.Love channel REN-TV from its mystic history?Then, in a dream you certainly had to be a witness to the end of the world or visit the aliens.

our dreams - it's just the impressions received during wakefulness, but treated the subconscious.It turns out that a dream divination is something like a donut diet, tasty and useless.However, for the sake of entertainment every day, you can look in the dream book, looking at it the interpretation of different images that come to us at night.But to do it seriously, no sane person would.However, if you are very impressionable, divination sleep will help to tune in the desired fashion.But for this purpose, think of your own

dream interpretation, which will be only good interpretation.
However, night work process of the brain is not so primitive that a foregone conclusion that the divination session hopeless dream.These conclusions can be reached by studying scientific sources.
Prophetic dreams exist, no doubt about it.But the assurances of witnesses, warnings come to us not as a strange way.Typically, in a dream there is clear and distinct situation that does not allow for ambiguity.It turns out that kind of power, hitherto unknown to us, serves to separate individuals sign to warn them or to send in the right direction?
One hypothesis scientists during sleep the human brain is connected to a common information field, called the noosphere.This explains the phenomenon of prophetic dreams.If all this is true, and in the noosphere contains information about our future, it is in your dreams, we can look into it.I must say that in the Slavic household magic there are many ways of divination in dreams, including tarot cards on sleep, Christmas and the Christmas divination betrothed.Try to understand how to be a true prediction.

recall all familiar: "mummer-betrothed, come to dinner."She asked, wanting to get a clear answer.If at that time the young lady has a boyfriend, it is likely he will dream.Those whose heart is free, could dream of a nice neighbor or a former classmate.However, if the woman after this dream move to take decisive action, it is possible that he will be prophetic.
From our small analysis, we can conclude that the divination of sleep is rarely true.But what about the common information field and information about our future?It may seem strange and contradictory, but to guess at dreams possible and even necessary, but in modern terms, a different technology.
Did you know that working with dreams is present in ancient okultnyh sciences, such as voodoo.Many of us have heard that voodoo magic is strong enough, and this is true, because Africans have not lost the skills of communicating with the forces of nature.According to the rules Voodoo divination prophetic dream begins with a ritual cleansing, as a rule, is a bath with herbs and oils.Then comes the prayer - an appeal to the spirit of Legba, which opens the gates to dreams.It should be clear and understandable to formulate your question.Notice how the ritual.Just put the thing under the pillow and take advantage of a set of words is not enough.It is necessary to prepare for divination.By the way, in a dream, you can analyze the existing relationship.After all, our brain picks up certain signals in the behavior of the beloved, but very clouded "love hormone" to analyze them.But the subconscious is free of rose-colored glasses and quite able to do it for him.
Use your dreams can be very productive, but first learn to separate fact from fiction, information on take over and superstitions.Do some work, you learn to use even dreaming to see their future.