How to make yeast dough quickly and correctly

Delicious yeast dough is prepared with or without a brew.The first option is a bit more complicated and time consuming.Second - it contains less baking.Which is right for you - choose.More talk about both.

How to make yeast dough - the first way.

order to output, 600 grams of product, you will need: two or three cups of flour, three or four tablespoons of sugar, as much margarine or butter, three eggs, 10-15 gr.yeast, 1-2 pinch of salt, 0.5 cups of milk.

first step is to prepare a brew.Mix milk, yeast and glass flour.In a warm place Opara will wander for three hours.Once the bubbles disappear with carbon dioxide, begin kneading the dough.

Mix the eggs with the sugar, salt and vanilla.Stir the flour gradually.Knead for 8 minutes.At the end of the process, add the butter or margarine, pre-heating it, but not melted.Lay, get the dough into the pan.Cover it with a lid or a kitchen towel and put in a warm place for fermentation.An hour later, the dough should rise as much as possible.Besieged it and place on the table.

How to make yeast dough faster or slower?By varying the temperature.That is, the pan should be placed in a cool or warm.

How to make yeast dough - the second way.

At the same amount of product at the output, as in the first recipe you will need: two or three cups of flour, one-two table.spoons of sugar, the same amount of vegetable oil, one or two eggs, 10-15 gr.yeast, 0.5 cups of milk, a pinch of salt.

Heat but do not boil the milk.Dissolve yeast in it.Add the resulting egg mixture, sugar, salt, flour, vanilla.Knead the dough.It should not get very cool.Lay, get the dough into the pan.Cover it with a lid or a kitchen towel and put in a warm place for fermentation, which will last about two hours.Then the dough is necessary obmyat.And give him a virtuous another forty minutes.Then sprinkle the table with flour, place the dough in it and mix with it.

Unlike the first (oparnogo) method, in the second cooking time can not adjust the temperature and amount of yeast.

How to make yeast dough for pizza.

This Italian dish had good taste all around the world.Russia is no exception.There are objective reasons.Pizza - a delicious and hearty meal.At the same time, there are many recipes for its quick preparation.To fit both the yeast pizza recipe.But better to use the first method for the preparation of products with sweet filling.The second is good for pizza with mushrooms, ham, salt, chicken, olives and seafood.

Finally give a couple of tips for making yeast dough quickly.In taste it a little bit will differ from "full", but a matter of time these days is quite relevant.So.

Take a small packet of dry yeast, dissolve it in half glass of water (milk, kefir, yogurt).A little warm up and set aside.Melt margarine.To speed up the process it can be done in a water bath, and a microwave.Connect with margarine mixture of delayed.Add the flour and sugar.The dough can be kneaded.