What are they, Russian folk toys?

Today products from China flooded almost the entire market, and the kids do not know whether there are any other toy except overseas.Exist!And this definitely need to tell them.


worth noting that toys - an important element in the life of every child.Indeed, thanks to them the child understands the world, exploring human relations and ways of communicating.It is therefore very important to ensure its correct toddler toys that will foster in him a worthy citizen of the state.


Russian folk toys have never been very diverse, but they have always been high quality and made with the soul.The first and probably most important toy in the life of every child was a doll.It makes it most of the materials at hand, and by nature she was faceless and without sex.It was necessary to ensure that the child can develop, including imagination and using the same toy in various amusements.Itself doll was made of rags, filled with straw, a log (stolbushka) or barley (krupenichka).Dolls can be simpler (kuvadki) created from one only of matter, with the right plexus which it was possible to distinguish the head, hands and dress dolls.For the little ones, as there were newborns Russian folk toys.However, they were, rather, charms, rather than material for games.In the cradle of a child necessarily put pelenashku - a small doll that was supposed to protect from evil forces grudnichka and unclean views.Traditional Russian doll also considered a tit - my mother with six children, attached to a belt, which symbolizes the family hearth.


Russian folk toys made craftsmen only from natural materials.Therefore, in addition to the rag dolls with different fillings, it was widespread and wooden toys.From the tree to do almost anything that you can.It rattles and various zveryata for the youngest;tools, weapons and soldiers for boys;utensils and everything you need for girls.Wooden toys have been strong for a long time served and often passed from one child to another, because of the family in Russian villages have always been big and large.


Russian folk toys are also made of clay.Most of these were different kinds of whistles that will not only entertain children, but also had some magical properties.It was believed that the sounds that issue so that's a toy, is distilled off evil and attract good spirits, designed to protect children from harm and bad things.Typically, these toys were kept near the window, simultaneously protecting the house from evil forces.


Another all known Russian folk toy - Matryoshka.It is worth noting that the time and manner of its origin till now goes a lot of myths and legends, and despite the fact that, most likely, a prototype of matryoshka was imported from Japan, it is still considered a Russian folk toys, and knows about it almost allpeace.What are its features?It consists of wood and has an inside cavity into which are placed one at one toy smaller and smaller.That's the trick!It is worth noting that the child such toys perfectly develop fine motor skills of the fingers.And it is our history.Therefore, each child should be in the collection of Russian folk toys, pictures with their image, or at least the notion of what it is.