The split of the Russian Orthodox church and why

traditions that are deeply woven into the life of the people, uprooted particularly difficult.Russian people are very tense took a split of the Russian Orthodox Church.And if not for the political will of the leaders of that time, and now we have baptized with two fingers.For formal, seemingly small things, high-profile people went to their deaths.So Feodosia Morozova lost their lives and Evdokia Urusova.Some people still do not accept the change of Nikon, which caused a schism of the Orthodox Church.Such people are a special way of life and called Old Believers.What is decided to change the religious leader Nikon?

split of the Russian Orthodox Church was established in the minds of its ideologues, long before it actually occurred.By the end of the 17th century, the Russian state was strengthened, were forgotten the horrors of the Time of Troubles.In the 15m century Constantinople fell.Elder Philotheus was a prophet.He wrote that Moscow should become the "third Rome".It would seem that prophecy came to pass.The minds of higher religious leaders captivated by the idea of ​​theocracy.In imitation of the Byzantine Empire, they wanted to make sure that the state has been subordinated to the Church.But in Russia, it is, as always, turned out not without extremes.If Byzantium formally state does not depend on the Church in Russia Nikon was granted the title of "great ruler", which until then was given only to kings.Patriarch sought to create a model peculiar to Catholicism, in which a religious leader would have a greater value than the secular.In Byzantium power simply expressed its subordination to the interests of the faith and its ideals.

In a time when only scheduled split Russian church, religion was a very large force.Service in the church were very curvy and solemn.However, Nikon decided to make a difference in the services and prayers on the model of the Eastern Churches.The problem was that the experts were people of different beliefs.Therefore, the result is a very serious misunderstandings about how to pray and to correct worth of old books.The second problem was that used no ancient Greek books, and relatively new.

most significant were the changes in the ritual side.In Russia, people are accustomed to two fingers sign that symbolically displayed the human and divine nature of Christ.Three fingers sign was the same old, but more characteristic of worship in the Eastern Church.It is indicative of the importance of the Trinity.Before the reform, it was considered only option after the reform became mandatory for all.

However, this change was not limited to Nikon.Earlier, a procession was carried out by the sun, and after the reform has become a norm of the opposite, that is, it was necessary to go into the sun.Change the number of holy bread, which served the liturgy instead of seven began to use five.We changed the text of the Creed.Some of the words were out excluded because they lacked the Greek version.

Some compare Nikon provoked the split of the Russian Orthodox Church, with Peter the Great.Only Peter took a sample of the entire western and Nikon - all Greek.However, a common feature of both historical figures was uncompromising.However, a split of the Russian Orthodox Church, like any revolution, killed his father.Patriarch Nikon was charged with cruelty and arbitrariness, defrocked, and then even into exile.However, the reforms were approved in the 1666-1667 biennium, when it was decided to deprive dignity Nikon.

People who refused to reform, began to move away from their persecutors and live distinct communities, not allowing marriages "nikoniantsami."They lived in the material sense is very good, as they were against bad habits and entertainment.They - the most orthodox of all Orthodox.The protest against the reforms expressed not only lay people, but also a monastery - Solovetsky.The monastery took the result with the help of a traitor, and the rebels for the most part physically destroyed.

Conservatives began to be persecuted, and very cruel.If their communities to send troops, people in the churches are often closed - and the case ended with self-immolation.Many, in order not to betray the faith, were heated.Some starve themselves, considering themselves not suicide, and martyrs.Swipe persecution resembled Western Inquisition.

Value suffer for the immutability of the ceremony?The case because it was not only in form but also in substance.Dissenters advocated a kind of way of the religious development of Russia, and therefore, at least, deserve respect.