How to cook liver pie with carrots and mushrooms

recently came across on the Internet at a very interesting, in my opinion, the cake.And what of this, you say, experienced housewives every day coming up with some new sweet masterpiece.It is in this time and again - the cake is not sweet, but quite the contrary.The main ingredient of this dish is ... liver.Chicken or beef liver.It turns out, this appetizer is already quite popular among the modern lovers of culinary delights.So I decided to tell you how to cook liver cake with a photo and share a few recipes of this delicious dish.

Recipe № 1.

• 0,8 - 1 kg of beef or chicken liver to choose from.You can use different liver, but more importantly, that it is low-fat.
• 200 grams of wheat flour.
• 3 chicken eggs.
• 200 grams of carrots.
• 2 onions.
• 150 grams of mayonnaise.
• 250 ml milk.
• Vegetable oil.
• Greens.
• salt / pepper.

How to cook liver cake with carrot
liver should be thoroughly rinsed under running water, remove it plenochku and grind in a blender or mince.The resulting mixture was alternately add flour, eggs and milk.Mix well to obtain a homogeneous mixture.Season with salt and pepper and add the vegetable oil.Again mix.The resulting mixture should be liver density test for oladushek.In a preheated pan and bake the dough is poured in the form of pellets.Cakes are fried on both sides.Adding oil is not necessary, as it added testo.Poka fried cakes, you need to grate carrots, onions cut into half rings.Vegetables should fry in sunflower or olive oil until golden brown.When the cake to fry, they should turn to spread on a dish, smearing each layer of mayonnaise and covering the mixture of fried carrots and onions.The top layer with mayonnaise and sprinkle with finely chopped greens.The dish is served cold.Now that you know how to cook liver cake is simple and fast.

Recipe № 2.

• 0,5-0,6 kg of fresh chicken liver.
• One egg.
• 100 grams of sour cream.
• 100 grams of wheat flour.
• 3 small garlic cloves.
• 300 grams of mayonnaise.
• 300 grams of fresh mushrooms (champignon desirable).
• 3 onions.
• pepper / salt to taste.
• Greens.

How to cook liver pie with mushrooms

fresh chicken liver, first you need to thoroughly wash and dry.I make emphasis on the words "fresh liver," because otherwise the cakes can not soak up and get a little rubber.We grind the liver in a blender or meat grinder.Add the egg, sour cream, flour and spices.If the dough is suddenly turned thickish, it can be further diluted with milk or cream.Bake cakes of the dough thickness of about half a centimeter.Fry tortillas on both sides until cooked.To shortcakes were not too oily, lay them on a plate with a paper towel.

onions and mushrooms finely chop, pour into the pan and fry until golden.Garlic, grated on a fine grater, mix with mayonnaise.When fat from cakes completely absorbed in a napkin, we shift them into another dish, each layer lubricates the mixture of mayonnaise with garlic.Top evenly laid mushrooms and onions and cover the following Korzh.And so on.Decorate the cake can be sprinkled with its dill or chives.

Here and ready our liver cake.How to cook it, you just have learned, so run to the kitchen to please their households once a novelty.Without a doubt, they liked it.

By the way, there are plenty of recipes, how to cook liver cake filled with fresh cucumbers, cottage cheese, Korean carrots, zucchini, and other products.Be creative!