The device is a laptop Asus, HP, Samsung

device laptop - this is a topic that worries many users today.It is believed that each model has its own components.But this is not the case, because the laptops from different manufacturers differ in only a few components.

Inside the notebook

There are several key components that make up virtually any modern laptop:

  1. matrix is ​​a screen that shows the image.Consisting mainly of plastic and aluminum parts.It is connected to the motherboard using a specially designed loop.Matrix - it is a fragile device that can be damaged through impact or strong shaking.
  2. optical drive of the notebook.It is attached to the body by means of screws and connected to the motherboard connector special.
  3. memory in the slot, which is located on the motherboard.In most cases, laptops have two such slots.Access to these components is possible without dismantling the laptop.This will require open compartment located at the bottom of the case.
  4. Hard Drive.It is connected via a connector to the motherboard.Access is possible via the cover which is on the bottom.His fix bolts to the hard disk is not hung during shaking and do not fail.
  5. motherboard - is the main and the main unit of the notebook.All important processes during the operation carried out with the help of it.

external aspects of the notebook

can identify the main external components of a modern laptop:

  1. housing.It is made from high-grade plastic or aluminum, which allows to make the device with a minimum weight.It is worth noting that the material will affect the final cost of the laptop.
  2. keyboard.It is connected to the motherboard, and is used for inputting data and control.In some cases, the keyboard can be detached from the common housing and is not part of.
  3. touchpad - it is an integral part in this technique.When used carelessly it can fail.Specialists can replace a touchpad and repair it.This component is connected to the motherboard using a specially designed loop.
  4. Battery - removable device is a laptop that has a lot of weight.It must be inserted in a special compartment on the case.

How are laptops from the manufacturer ASUS

Today everyone can buy a model of a unique line of multimedia laptops from the company ASUS.Over the past three years, the manufacturer has released several models, which immediately won the recognition of users.Each discrete unit includes actual hardware components, but also has a novel design and features.

notebook ASUS device was specifically designed best specialists to select the model of a large number of other computers.First-generation model includes a built in air ionizers, as well as working in pairs curved panels.Several recent notebooks have issued the metal top cover, as well as strengthening the external subwoofer.This small device can be connected using a single connector, to make the sound more clearly and loudly.

On the keyboard layout can be found digital calculator, which also includes six multimedia buttons.They are located in the upper right corner and are built into the main unit.

Distinguishing features of notebooks HP

device HP notebook differs considerably from other models.This manufacturer is on the market for over 15 years and all the time was able to significantly improve the equipment of its own production.Laptops in this series proved themselves in work, so are suitable for learning and entertainment.Manufacturer of HP notebooks puts its modern operating system Compaq, as well as a powerful processor from manufacturer Intel.

Notebooks are productive motherboard, memory, hard drive, graphics card, and a large bright display, speakers, network card, card reader, as well as multiple ports for a microphone, headphones and removable media.All the equipment can be operated in stand-alone mode for more than four hours, which makes it popular and in demand.Due to the small size of the device can take business trips.

Device Notebook ACER

Now in stores you can find a great selection of laptops from the manufacturer ACER.Each user will be able to find the most suitable model for the different operating conditions.ACER laptop device differs only in a few major components, so the line includes universal models and games.Equipment for games characterized by high rates of productivity, as well as a stylish exterior design.Universal devices are designed for home and business purposes.

Modern laptop models that have been released over the past few years, quite light and thin.Housing cover made of textured and brushed aluminum.That is why the models are the maximum ease and have a little weight.Some of the individual devices are complemented by small aluminum inserts, which are design and stylish design options.It should be noted that these inserts can be made of metal, leather and bamboo.

main features of laptops from the manufacturer Samsung

Korean manufacturer Samsung launches universal and affordable model, so everyone will find for themselves the most optimal variant of the device.Characteristic features of laptops - a neutral classic design, the standard internal components, as well as the classic set of ports.

Device Notebook Samsung - is a practical case, rather capacious battery, as well as a wide variety of configuration options.There are two slots for external storage slot, optical drive, additional ports and card reader without a stub.Because of the L-shaped cover, which is located on the back of the laptop, you can quickly get access to the hard drive and RAM.This interference can be required in the event that the laptop can not see the device.

to clean and lubricate the internal fan system, the user will need to disassemble the entire case.Recent advanced models include improved and improved LCD matrix which are small in size.That is why the device is a laptop in terms of size is the optimal parameters in order to use the technique in business trips.