How to take readings of water meters: features and variety of procedures

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order to have always had water in the house, you must pay for it in time.Of course, it needs to know how much liquid you have spent and how much is a used cube.Although a lot of people are not specifically establish such a device.If you have it, you have to know how to take readings of water meters.

should be noted that the device may be advanced or 8 or 9, numbers on the scoreboard.Several numbers located on a red background, they represent liters of fluid, and the rest - black (this cubic meters).Before taking readings of water meters, take a look at the last 3 numbers of the dark.

Perform the procedure in several ways.For example, you can remove the figures each month, comparing the previous and the latest figures and subtracting their difference.That the number of units that you used, multiplied by the price per cubic meter.And the figures can be either self-refer to the Department of Water Utility, or sent via the Internet (phone).Although there is still a practice of filling subscriber books, which are periodically checked against EIRTS experts.

Before taking readings of water meters, choose the most convenient way for you.In any case, the procedure provides only visual data imprinting.It should be noted that self-transmission readings can be carried out with certain mistakes or errors.The fact is that sometimes the apartment owners tend to underestimate the amount of water used in order to pay less.

Since taking readings of water meters experts can not practically (the device is inside the house), try to celebrate cubic meter correctly and as accurately as possible.In addition to the present method, there are other methods of treatments.For example, remote transmission performance.However, this requires a modern counter, which is able to send such a signal.The present device with sensors has a high cost, and not in all the settlements implemented this technology.

can also automatically take readings of water meters.To do this, you need to install the device with pulse output.Although you can buy the device, which will be all prepared for such an option, but the basic elements of the technology are not yet available.If necessary, they can be easily installed.Indicators in this case are taken in a certain period of time (one month, six months) and sent to the dispatcher.However, such systems are often failures occur, the cause of which may be a little corny circuit.

You can also send data to the device for a certain low-power radio.For this, too, requires a special device.Introduced new methods of control of water consumption are still little used, so to set their own such devices should not - be much more expensive.

Now you know how to read the meter of water.I wish you success!