Gain Wi-Fi signal in the home

Each user has a wireless network the ability to optimize the performance of the router.Now I will describe to you the people's practices on how to strengthen Wi-Fi.For this procedure, you will need scissors and a beer can.This will be sufficient to strengthen the Wi-Fi network.

So, take an ordinary tin can and wash it thoroughly.If it is the opener, remove it.With scissors or a knife cut the bottom of a full and part - top.From the bottom of the incision necessary to make cans and then expand it as a sail.Now fasten this construction on the router using the gum or modeling clay.Once you do this, there will be amplification of the signal Wi-Fi.

This device - a semblance of a parabolic reflector.The curved sheet must capture a greater amount of energy, which will be directed to the antenna device.But not so easy as it might seem at first.After all, in order to gain Wi-Fi signal was real, you need to save parabolic profile.Also, be sure to choose the right focus, namely, the axis, which will be sent to the wave incident on the reflector.Note that it is necessary to find an axis rather than a point, since the bending of the reflector has only a single plane.

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Almost all routers show a signal available at this time, which, of course, help in the search.But we should also consider the fact that when executed will gain Wi-Fi signal in this way, it will act only in the direction of the space, which will be sent to the reflector.

should be noted that similar devices made with their own hands, are used for quite some time.There are cases where so-called directional antenna was made by people from existing available tools, and use it to provide Internet access of people living in private homes, which are located far from the city.And it led to such inventions rather high price for similar equipment ready.

That beer can is a miniature directional antenna.Standard antenna has a circular pattern while the tin surface changes it, and gain Wi-Fi signal is due to partial reflection from the surface.The benefits are obvious.With its low cost and ease of construction shows good results and is able to last for a long time without requiring absolutely no maintenance.

summarize.Of course, the finished antenna able to show more impressive results.Also, there is no guarantee that you will soon be able to correctly configure your tin analogue and achieve the desired results.But for those who can not afford to spend money on the finished product, as well as for those who need to amplify the signal at home or in the country, it would be an acceptable solution.In the manufacture of the device is not necessary to almost no cost, and for setting will not take long.So, I think the benefits more than cover the deficiencies.The information you get - go for it!