How to collect the shower with his own hands

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corner of comfort in modern apartments and cottages can be not only a spacious sofa in front of TV, but also a bathroom in which it is possible not only to observe the hygiene of the body, but also to achieve the therapeutic effect by means of the soul.It is therefore important to know how to collect the shower.


New construction of booths present in the market of sanitary equipment, abundant variety.Therefore, consumers are given the opportunity to choose the model that most naturally fit into classic or ultra-modern interiors of their bathrooms.But few of the buyers know how to collect the shower.Most often invite experts, suggesting that the installation of this equipment is too complex for the uninitiated.In fact, any host is able to cope with this problem - the installation is not so complicated.If you are still interested in the question of how to assemble the shower, instructions provided with the equipment, giving a detailed explanation.This device allows you to create the bathroom very diverse climate, down to the sauna.By purchasing it, the head of the family to think about how to collect the shower.The most advanced models are equipped with shower LCD computer control panels.How to collect the shower so "advanced" models, an ordinary user can not know.To carry out such works better to invite a specialist.

How to collect shower

model without complex electronics for the power to set their own, which will significantly save.Pre-installation should be made in a different place, making sure that all parts, fasteners, make the necessary holes.And then begin to build directly into the bathroom, connecting to the sewer system discharge of waste water by means of flexible hoses.Begin the assembly with preassembled tray on legs, which is strengthened with wooden bars.Then checked the tightness of the drain hose.The next phase - installation of the cabin panels, fences and doors with slide bars.To install the tray and glass and silicone sealant applied.During assembly should be aware of fragile properties of the metal cabins.Connection of electrical devices (lighting, fan, radio) are best left to an electrician.This completes the bulk of the work.Once hardened, the fastening materials are installed on glass doors seals with adjustable upper rollers, which are then put on plastic plugs.Next, set the roof of the cabin, shower head, connected backlight, fan, speaker, and various accessories: shelves, mirrors and handles.The final step - connecting the necessary communications: electricity, sewage, water.After studying a simple assembly diagram, shown above, you can learn how to collect the shower cubicle, which will give the whole family the ultimate in comfort, to provide conditions for hygiene.