Coaxial Cable - reliability at an affordable price

for modern information society is very important products in the market are various products that ensure the creation of high-quality and reliable transmission medium information data.One is a coaxial cable.It worked well when used for a variety of purposes.

Coaxial digital cable has been widely used in many fields of human activity.In particular, it is used for signaling and satellite TV with video surveillance cameras.This is because it is ideal to transmit high frequency pulses.Its special design allows to achieve the highest quality delivery of any signal without loss.This flow of information can be transmitted over very long distances with little or no attenuation.

In general terms, the coaxial cable has the following structure: which is in the middle of the conductor (formed typically of copper) is placed in high density polyethylene winding having dielectric properties and topped woven mesh of thin metal wires.On top is covered with an insulating wrap of polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride.

coaxial cable, as well as other physical transmission medium, has a number of specific characteristics.Therefore it is necessary at the outset to clearly know for what purpose the environment in which it will be used, and only then choose the type of the most suitable characteristics.

For example, a coaxial cable for video surveillance must have the following properties:

  1. possible to transfer as many as possible of the frequency spectrum.
  2. Minimum influence the circuit passing close by which electricity is transmitted.
  3. maximum possible resistance to external influences.
  4. protection from interference.

also important factor is the resistance to low-frequency noise, as this is the main drawback of this product - it is susceptible to signals transmitted at low frequencies.

Coaxial cable is mostly used for transferring data between the receiving and transmitting devices.He is one of the most common ways to transmit the signals of television and video.Its prevalence, not least due to the relative cheapness.

There are quite a number of different types of coaxial cables.The main difference lies in the physical characteristics.At the same time it should be noted that the principle of operation for different types of such a product is the same.

If you do decide to install anywhere (at home or in the office) surveillance system, the most efficient transmission medium will be exactly coaxial cable.You will receive a reliable working system in a relatively little money.And the prevalence and number of offerings on the market will allow you to choose a product that will fit exactly to your individual requirements.This will help you to achieve any level of complexity and branching.